Team Fun Center Suzuki Race in Front of Home Town

This week the racing took place in Phoenix, AZ home of Michael and Chris Blose. The weather was a welcomed change from the weekend before as it was sunny and 70. The track was very fast and slick which made it important to get a good start and not makeany mistakes. Brady had some trouble finding his grove and barelymissed qualifying for the night program again. Everyone on the team believes it is just a matter of time before he is qualifying for the night program and the main events. In timed practice Michael was 18th and Chris was 19th.Michael was in heat one where he got around a fifteenth place start and worked his way up to ninth on the last lap for the final qualifyingposition. Chris was in heat two. On the first lap he was in fifth where he raced until the final lap when he made a mistake in a rhythm section and was passed by three riders. In the main event it was important to get a good pick on the gate as the first turn was a ninety degree ¿left.With their heat race results they had to line up to the right of the box. Michael started in nineteenth and Chris in fourteenth. They both began to move their way forward. Chris made his way up to twelfth and began to tighten up finishing 17th. Michael worked his way up to finish 16th. Michael said I really think the track was tuff tonight to make time up on. A good start was so important. “There is always more pressure when you are racing in front of your home town and I think A2 will go much better. We would like to thank Lyle, Tonya and the entire crew form Fun Center for coming out this weekend and showing there support! Said Gregg Lynk.