Team Mach 1 Yamaha signs with ProTaper and SunStar

Corona, CA, (4/1/04) ¿ 250cc racers Ezra Lusk, hard working Heath Voss and newbie 125ccWest Coast contender Eric Nye will officially have ProTaper handlebars and SunStar sprockets bolted on their Yamaha YZs starting at the Pontiac Supercross. The agreement calls for the Mach 1 team to adorn ProTaper and SunStar equipment for the rest of the 2004 AMA Supercross series as well as the 2004 AMA National series.

¿Adding the Mach 1 Yamaha team to the already growing roster of teams that use ProTaper product is a giant asset to the ProTaper brand. The Mach 1 Yamaha team, though only in its second year, is one of the premier teams on the race circuit and we are excited to be a part of it,¿ said ProTaper¿s Marketing Manager Erick ¿Big E¿ Bartoldus.

¿Part of running a top notch race team is using top notch products. ProTaper handlebars and SunStar sprockets have a reputation that is unsurpassed in the sport. I am glad we decided to go with ProTaper and SunStar,¿ said Mach 1 Team Manger, Bill Ferry.

Contact Erick ¿Big E¿ Bartoldus for more information. 909-736-5369 or