Team MDK/Lucas Oil/Yamaha and Wonder Warthog Racing’s Hog Haven Riders Choose Rollon Throttles

The teams have tested and selected Rollon Throttle’s Lightning and Unipro throttles to give their racers the control they need to excel on the track. Riders that want ultra fast throttle response will be using the Lightning product while those requiring more throttle control are lining up with the fully adjustable Unipro.

Rollon Throttle is pleased to give the team riders that extra edge on their competition. Steve Lewis, Rollon Throttle’s founder, has been ramping up support of the pro-am, youth and amateur (old and young) of the sport for over 3 years. “Rollon’s vision fits perfectly with Scott’s (Wonder Warthog Racing) and Darrell’s (Synergy Racing Technologies-SRT) plans for the team stated Steve.

“We are always looking for innovative products and supportive sponsors. Rollon Throttle fit our needs in both areas. We are delighted to have them on our team said Darrell Saldana, SRT’s Race Director.

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About Rollon Throttle:
Rollon Throttle is the leader in aftermarket throttle tube technology. Rollon products are designed as progressive throttle components that provide increased control at low RPMs and faster rotation as you move higher in the power curve. Once a rider learns to use the increased throttle control out of corners, he will go faster and ride smoother with much less effort — resulting in lap time reductions that are both real and measurable.

About Wonder Warthog Racing:
Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross. WWR is comprised of two distinct entities: the not-for- profit Team Warthog Foundation, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at supporting the privateers; and Wonder Warthog Enterprises (WWE), which focuses on merchandise and entertainment products based on the Wonder Warthog comic book character. The WWR website is at

About Synergy Racing Technologies:
Synergy Racing Technologies is focused on providing their riders with the best platform to succeed while making optimal use of race team resources to maximize sponsorship value. Synergy Racing Technologies would like to acknowledge the continued support of its partners: MDK, Lucas Oil, Yamaha Motor Corp., O’Neal, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Dana K Business Parks, DeCal Works, Wonder Warthog Racing, DRD, P-LoK, Enzo,, Barnett, Vortex, Rollon Throttles, LockJaw, MB2 Raceway, Michelin, Tri-Star, Beckermoto, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, CP Pistons, Engine Ice, Proclean 1000, SIDI, RPM Science, Pro Wheel, Volition Clothing Co.,,, Smooth Industries,K&N Filters, EBC Brakes, ICW, RK Chains, Cycra, Park Tools, SDG, Mechanix Wear, EVS, Boyesen, Ryan Hughes, and Pat at United Martial Arts. Each of these great companies shares a common belief — supporting programs aimed at helping to progress the sport we love. Synergy Racing Technologies welcomes you to “Support those that support our sport.