Team Solitaire and Fly Racing Join Forces

Boise, ID (11/21/05) — Team Solitaire and Fly Racing have once again joined forces to contend for the 2006 SX points title.  Team Solitaire has announced a new contribution to the team.  Justin Buckelew will be riding under the Team Solitaire big rig for the next two seasons.  Both Buckelew and Ryan Clark will be riding Hondas.

Both Clark and Buckelew have been training together in the Arizona heat to ramp up for the nearing 2006 SX season.  With a new teammate and a new semi, Team Solitaire looks forward to some solid finishes, and contending for the coveted Top Privateer award. 

Fly Racing is proud to support both Ryan Clark and Justin Buckelew in their efforts in this very competitive season and look forward to many strong finishes from the two proven riders. 

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