Team Troy Lee Designs Honda Red Bull 2007 Team Introduction

World-class painter and motorsports icon, Troy Lee has put together Team Troy Lee Designs Honda Red Bull with four proven riders to vie for yet another two national AMA Supermoto championships. Team riders for 2007 will be Jeff Ward (#1), Cassidy Anderson (#15), David Pingree (#101), and Troy Lee (#25). Ward and Anderson will compete with the CRF450 in the premiere Supermoto class while Pingree, and Lee will ride the CRF250 in the Supermoto Lites class. TLD Company Vice President Bob Weber, as Team Manager will again direct the program in 2007. With Troy’s and Bob’s dedication and management, the team has garnered three national titles in the four years since inception.

Cassidy Anderson comes into 2007 anxious to prove his prowess on the 450. Last year Cassidy hit it hard in the Supermoto Lites Championship, winning the first 5 rounds of the series, and dominating the class by winning 7 out the 10 races of the year. As for Cassidy’s personal expectation for the year, “My main goal for 2007 is to be in championship contention at the end of the year. I hope to carry over everything I learned from winning the Lites championship last year, and focus on another championship plate. According to Cassidy, “All the pieces are in place so all I have to do is go out there win some races, and hopefully another championship!

David Pingree, a part-time rider in 2006 and winner of the Lites class at The Duel at the Docks, will be rocking the AMA Supermoto series as a full-time rider this year. Eager to start the season riding for Team TLD, David looks back to last year and quips, “They have one goal and that’s to win, but at the same time they also make sure to have a good time, and from what I know about Troy, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Going out of the season in 2006 with a win, David feels “If I can just carry that momentum from Long Beach over into this year, that’s pretty much all I have to do. David would also like to thank his employer Racer X Illustrated, for the freedom to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. As David sees it, “Between a whole summer of racing and attending Red Bull after-parties, it should make for some good stories to write for the magazine!

Jeff Ward is preparing for 2007 in the same manner he has every year. The two-time Supermoto champion will go into the first round mentally and physically focused. According to Ward “If all goes to plan we’ll be ahead of the game with bike development, and I can just focus on the championship right from the start. In previous seasons Ward always had to face off with Doug Henry on the track. Jeff, as well as all of Troy Lee Designs would like to wish Doug a speedy recovery from his recent injury, and to hopefully see him again at the starting line soon. Jeff states, “My battles with Doug have been some of the best memories I have in Supermoto. He will definitely be missed in the season this year.

Troy Lee is the heart and soul of Team Troy Lee Designs. As one of this sport’s leading advocates, his influence is felt far and wide, from owner, to racer, to promoter. Troy continues to compete, and works tirelessly to take Supermoto to new heights. In 2006 Troy and his team won an X games gold medal and 2 national AMA championships, and promoted “Duel at the Docks at the Long Beach Queen Mary, which drew the largest spectator turnout on record for an individually promoted Supermoto event. What’s in store for this year? As Troy sees it, “Last year was the best year for the team and company ever, but I look to 2007 to be even more of a success. With Jeff, Cassidy, and David all fighting for championships, Jeff striving for a repeat gold at X games, and again promoting our event in Long Beach, all while the series continues to grow – 2007 will be our best year ever!

Thanks to all of our sponsors for providing the team with tthe support necessary to WIN!