Team USA Announced!

Ricky Carmichael, Mike LaRocco and Tim Ferry have been chosen to represent the USA in the Motocross des Nations 2002. Current team manager for the Sobe/Suzuki team, Roger DeCoster, was named team manager for this history making team. Two riders from Florida, one from Indiana, and a team manager from Europe, will race the world in Southern California. Sound funny? The other countries aren’t laughing.

With names like that, the USA should be the clear winner. Yes, there are other countries that will be able to put together good teams, but will they be good enough? Countries like France and Australia have great riders in their stables. Riders like Vuillemin, Roncada and Sorby will probably top the list of riders from France. Australia will no doubt have Reed, Byrne. But can any touch the speed of the Americans?

We will see, when the world comes to San Jacinto, California. September 28th and 29th, 2002.