Team Yamaha signs Chad Reed

Chad Reed signed a two-year deal to contest the 250 Supercross and 250 OutdoorNational’s beginning next year.

Winning the first five 125cc Supercross races you enter will catch the eyeof Factory Team Managers. “Chad’s been amazing for the Yamaha of Troy teamthis year. He’s holeshot and won, he’s won from the back of the pack, helooks smooth and aggressive simultaneously,” explains Keith McCarty, TeamYamaha Factory Race Manager. “The backside of triple-jumps could be madefrom glass and Chad wouldn’t scratch the surface.” Smooth, tactical, andfast, Chad Reed will be a favorite to win in the 250cc class next year.


“My goal is to win the 125 championships, gain even more experience, and beready to win in the 250 class next year,” says Chad Reed. “I couldn’t havescripted the start to this year any better, winning and signing with TeamYamaha. In the last few years alone Dowd, Fonseca, Roncada, Windham, Henryand McGrath have all won championships on their Yamaha YZ’s, I hope my namewill be added to that list!”

Chad Reed will continue his quest for the 2002 125cc East Supercross and 125National Championships aboard his Yamaha of Troy YZ250F four-stroke.