Team Zoo Racing

The 2005 AMA Supercross and National season turned out to be a great building year for Team Zoo Racing Ministries. ¿This was the first year we put together a team to race the AMA Nationals and Supercross series, so I expected  to have a huge learning curve,¿ said Team Manager Steve Shippy. Steve was also quoted as saying, ¿I am really happy with  how well the guys did this year and how much they have grown as riders and individuals.¿ With Dylan Lord on the CRF450 and Jesse Casillas on a CRF250, Team Zoo had a few top 20 finishes and received some great exposure.

For 2006, Team Zoo plans on having its Pro racers in the AMA Supercross and National series, as well as having a few riders doing the Regional Arena Cross. Our amateur racers, Michael Raines, Bryce Stavron, and Shawn Nash will be racing the California Amateur series and Nationals. ¿We have picked up a few new riders this year and we are talking to a few more about doing some different race series to get maximum exposure for our team and sponsors,¿ said Steve. ¿We really want to get some of our racers out there to race the series they want and help them achieve their goals.¿ 

Team Zoo Racing Ministries main vision is the following: 

Our vision at Zoo is a simple one. God’s word says, “Go and make disciples of all nations”. We are supposed to spread the word of God to those who are in need of knowledge and salvation. Because of the physical challenges and dangers involved in many extreme sports, the athletes who are involved in such sports are often times putting their lives on the line every time they go out to practice or compete. We at Zoo World Ministries understand that in order to do well mentally and physically, we also need to be athletes in the Spirit. We know that the “armor of God” is the biggest form of protection any of us will ever need and our goal is to get this mind set into all of the athletes we help sponsor. We are a non-profit religious organization who raises money to support athletes in motocross. We offer weekly Bible studies, group outings, lessons and demos as well as entry fees and travel expense reimbursements for competing athletes. 

In the near future, we hope to obtain land in the Orange County area where we can build our own MX/Skate Park to train up and coming athletes. We would like to be able to provide a close, well maintained park for both the professional and the amateur, a safe, moral environment for possible after school activities. In the past three years we have seen minor and major miracles happen in our ministry. We have seen drug addicts completely healed, we have seen broken families reunited and we have seen hope return to the lives of some very lost people. Through the teaching of Biblical principals, we have been able to show that God is the ultimate protector and healer.

As of now Team Zoo Racing has the following racers for 2006: 

Scott Cram ¿ AMA Supercross and National
Nick Hernandez ¿ AMA Supercross and National Lites
A.J. Steinbach ¿ Regional Arenacross and Amateur Nationals
Gerrit Ordleman ¿ Local Ca Race Series and AMA Nationals
Matt Karlsen ¿ WORCS Races and AMA Nationals 

We will also be giving limited support to Team HDR in 2006 consisting of: 

Jesse Casillas
Dylan Lord
Kyle Mace
Justin Mace

 ¿I like all of these guys and they did an awesome job for us in 2005. We will be helping them in any way we can for 2006,¿ said Steve Shippy. ¿I think Dave Alleman and Rick Mace, the team managers  of HDR Racing, have done an amazing job with these guys in 2005 and I would like to see them continue to do the best they can next year.¿ Its been exciting working with everyone at Team HDR.


Team Zoo is currently working on sponsorship for the race team in the 2006. Steve said, ¿I really want to step it up a few levels this year and get our team out there to race!¿ We would like to thank our current Team Zoo Racing sponsors for their support in 2005. 

Pro Circuit
Works Connection
Power Plus
Twin Air
VP Race Fuels
Maxima Oils

If you would like to help support Team Zoo Racing Ministries in 2006 you can find donation and contact information at or