’s Marley On The Mend’s Johnny Marley is on the mend and by his comments he might be back earlier than people think. Johnny left the hospital on Wednesday and is staying at his mechanics place in California for a little while. He will then head back to his home in Oklahoma to continue this recovery.

Speaking to Johnny this week he was very positive on his riding and his desire to get back on the bike. Johnny said, “I told Brandon to get the bike ready for the outdoor nationals”!

The dates the doctor was talking to Johnny and the team about what I can’t believe therefore we’ll wait to see how the healing process continues and the rehab progresses. will keep our fans, sponsors and etc. updated.

Johnny did mention he really appreciated the e-mail he received from everyone and just wanted to say thanks to everyone as the e-mail definitely helps keep his spirits up.

If you have any well wishes you would like to e-mail Johnny feel free to send e-mail to: title it Johnny Marley and these e-mails will be supplied to him upon his availability.

Continue to check for continued updates on the team.