The brief off-season is officially over as Toronto hosted the first round of the Amp’d World Supercross last weekend. The battle that we have been waiting for since Anaheim 1 finally played itself out before an enthusiastic Canadian crowd of converted hockey fans. I am surprised how quickly fans are ready to concede the championship to James and dismiss RC and Reed. I for one was both relieved and happy for James and the entire Kawasaki team after their year long gut-check that would have tempered even the strongest man. It was great to see that signature smile again, but not without caution. James was humble and realizes that RC is a worthy adversary, and when cornered bites back. It was a great race, but it was just one race. I can guarantee you that Reed will quickly find the speed we all know he has and be in the battle soon enough. I’m sure K-Dub, Cobra, Tedesco and others will have something to say about the podium as well. Don’t boycott our great sport, or you will miss an awesome season.

Broc “Prime Cut” Hepler injured his wrist about a month ago and has just started riding again. He earned the right to change his name from “Hamburger Hepler” after some great rides this summer, and he chose “Prime Cut,” so we are going to run it for him. Broc also just signed with Alloy gear so we have a lot to talk about as he prepares for the East Coast aboard his Factory Suzuki.

Ivan Tedesco is just one of those riders that is easy to pull for. He is a hard worker, dedicated rider, and has an awesome personality. It is those traits and many more that helped him secure a Factory Suzuki ride along side his friend, RC. Ivan put in an impressive debut ride last weekend and hopes to make the podium this weekend in Vancouver. We will Ketchup with Hotsauce before he flies North for the weekend.

Davi Millsaps has a new number and a new ride, and it seems to be working well as he won the Lites (I still hate that name) class in Toronto. The jump to the Big Red Machine has worked for many riders in the past and Davi hopes that the off season switch will lead to some championships as well. He wants to back up the win with another this weekend to leave no doubt that he is here to contend this year, and not just be the fastest in the whoops. Davi is a long time friend of the show and always fun to have on, so see what flies out of him tonight.

The Last Man Standing may accurately describe David “Kit Kat” Vuillemin aboard his Boo Koo CR250R as the lone two-stroke hold out. David switched rigs this year and now rides for Michael Holigan’s team who is also featured on The Reality of Speed TV show. DV is a great rider and true charismatic enthusiast of the sport that has the balls to actually post on Motonews. We always look forward to our time with DV.

Steve “TFS” Bruhn is one of the few full-time independent journalists in our sport that travels to just about every race imaginable. He dumped the white van with the fake satellite dish on the top a few years ago for a sweet luxury RV. He no longer lives in a van down by the river, but in fact still lives down by the river. You have seen his work in just about every MX publication, and he plays part time zookeeper at Motonews as well. He was in Toronto and we will break down both classes as well as some fall-out from the commercials that have polarized some fans. Steve is a straight shooter, and that’s just how we like it.

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