Terrafirma 7


We received a box from FOX’s marketing department the other day and found in it a lone videotape. We quickly scrambled into our office’s video room, and stuck the tape with “Terrafirma 7-bootleg copy” chicken scratched with ball-point pen on its label into the VCR.

So, what did we see? The usual, but this time it was different. First, we have to say that FOX has raised the bar in video production with Terrafirma 7. Some serious time and effort went into the shooting and editing of T7. It’s definitely the highest quality mx film we’ve seen to date. Some creative camera angles were added to make the film very interesting. The race coverage, as usual, was great, and the film as a whole was aesthetically pleasing.

Terrafirma 7 could have used some personality thrown into the mix, though. James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael and David Vuillemin each have their own part (which were amazing), but an interview or some narration would have put the video over the top. We were definitely left wanting more. What was really missing was freestyle (this is either a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it). There is a freestyle segment at a quarry in Northern California, but the riders were throwing down the usual tricks. There is also a segment with a hill climber that seems out of place from the rest of the video.

What do we really think of Terrafirma 7? T7 is more of a racing-oriented video. If you’re into racing, then you’ll love it, but if freestyle is your thing, then you’ll probably be left wanting a little more. All in all, though, the filming is creative and creates a great mood. This one should be on your list. It’s the most artful video we’ve seen, and the whip that RC throws down to close the video is sick!!

Terrafirma 7 will be released September 1st as a VHS, and on September 15th as a DVD version. T7 retails for $24.95