Texas Rider Support Foundation

Texas Rider Support Foundation (http://www.texasridersupportfoundation.com) has been formed and we are currently filing our 501c with the State of Texas. We are a group of individuals dedicated to helping motocross riders across Texas, who have sustained a serious injury while riding. It is our goal to provide not only financial assistance, but also emotional and motivational support to the rider and the rider’s family.

We hope to accomplish these goals by fund raising as well as empowering volunteers that are willing to help on a moments notice when a rider is injured.

To accomplish our goal it is our plan to hold several general fund raising benefit races or ride days a year, so that financial assistance is immediately available when a rider is injured. We are striving to be proactive with the support instead of retroactive. We have a variety of ideas to help with the fund raising so that the burden is not put upon individuals or the few tracks in the area. It is our intent to provide concessions at some races, flaggers at races (so that the funds the tracks pay the flaggers can go to the foundation), online auctions, cook-offs, t-shirts, stickers, along with many other ideas.

We have the goal to be at every major race in the area so that the motocross community has the opportunity to not only see who we are and what we are doing, but also to have the opportunity to join us!

Injured riders will be our first priority, but our long range goal is to be able to give back to the community with a small financial sponsorship to local motocross riders.

The foundation will have complete open accounting records on a quarterly basis to any and all individuals who request them. The current Board of Directors of TRSF is as follows:

Steven Garvin- President
Jennifer Mallozzi- Vice President
Heather Cooper
David Schneider- Webmaster
James (Buddy) Russell- Treasurer
Michael Flores- Member at large
Howard Lobel- Fund Raising

This foundation is here to help the people of Texas that share our passion of motocross. If you have any suggestions or comments we would like to hear them. All of this is possible but can only be accomplished with the help and support of the motocross community and the tracks.