With two brand new bikes for 2003 and a totally redesigned 250, the engineers at KTM have been busy. Adding to their already potent lineup, is the 200SX and the 450SX.


Reports are coming in that the 2003 125SX is very fast and handles much better than last years bike. This bike is said to have almost as much power of other manufacturers 250’s! Brand new for 2003, is the KTM 200SX. If this bike is anything like it’s smaller sibling watch out! Also brand new, is the 450SX. A big bore that’s still within the AMA rules to race the 250cc class.


Some of the improvements in the KTM lineup include:

-The transmission of the 125 SX is reduced from 6 to 5 speeds.

-A new aluminum gear selector drum with narrower shift grooves.

-All 200cc models are given a new crankshaft for improved balancing and reduced inertia weight.

-The 250SX has outer clutch and control covers on are made of magnesium.

-A fully redesigned 5-speed transmission on the 250SX, that is slimmer and more compact,

-The entire clutch package has become lighter and slimmer on the 250SX.

-The new 250SX crankshaft is 100 grams lighter inweight.

-Additional weight savings from a new, lighter, kick-start lever.


Chasis-In 2003, all SX /EXC/ MXC models will come with the White Power USD 48 mm forks.

-The WP PDS suspension strut was modified considerably, with a bigger compensating tank and larger oil volume.

-All SX, EXC and MXC models come with a new front-wheel axle enlarged from 20 to 26 mm.

-The front-wheel hub was also given a new design and its diameter increased from 36 to 52 mm.

-The rear-wheel hub was reinforced from 48 to 64 mm.

-All SX and 2-stroke EXC models come with a tapered Renthal handlebar.

-All 125, 200 and 525 SX models are equipped with a rear-brake caliper piston diameter reduced from28 to 26 mm.

-The model 450 SX comes with a completely new caliper, whose weight was reduced by about 250 g, and with a piston diameter of 26 mm.

-The models 200, 250 and 450 SX are given a new one-piece rear end, which integrates the side paneling for aslimmer feel.

-New quick-release pushbuttons facilitate themounting and dismounting of the air-filter box cover.

-The new 250 SX frame has been shortened by15 mm, and a 10-mm longer swing-arm was added.

Stay tuned in future issues of TransWorld Motocross magazine for in depth testing on all the KTM SX models.