The All American KTM Fire Police Tour

BRAUN ENTERTAINMENT, producers of The Amateur Open of Motocross, will present a new “five-company Supercross Race Team, for the upcoming 2007 season. Braun Entertainment LLC of New York has joined forces with FirePoliceMX.Com, All American KTM (both of Southern California), R.I.S.K. 911 of Nevada, and Kingdom Crown (formerly Bikesellerz.Com of Utah). The collective objective is to create a unique and high profile concept, within Supercross Racing. The title will be:


The All American KTM Fire Police Tour’s (FPT) main theme is to promote attendance and involvement at Supercross venues by networking fire fighting, and police personnel across America, and have them become a more integral part of the racing atmosphere.... adding to the moral support of our in-house riders. Ed Wilson, founder of FirePoliceMX.Com stated; “The team will pit out of a newly revamped transporter, equipped with a hospitality area which will cater to attending Fire Police personnel.

Braun Entertainment will develop and coordinate promotional aspects of the FPT in regards to media, public relations and showcases. Braun Entertainment’s president, ERV BRAUN stated; “We have a solid promotional relationship with The Fire Police MX Nationals amateur program. The 2007 FPT will utilize our company’s vision to market the Fire Police racing program potential. The FPT will make several promotional appearances throughout the year at chosen events. Our goals are to be very visible, well publicized; attract external sponsorship opportunities, and open more doors to the general public. During this same time period, we will be scouting for, and recruiting new aspiring riders, who want to advance their racing careers and break into the pro-racing world.

A strong facet of the tour is safety through the R.I.S.K. program. R.I.S.K. (Right Information Saves Kids) is a non-profit organization dedicating to protecting children against injury by wearing an appropriate helmet when riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. Brad Hannig of R.I.S.K stated; “To help this cause, we are providing helmets to kids who are unable to purchase them. Please send your email to us at with a brief description of your situation, and your commitment to being safe. (Go to R.I.S.K. 911 to make donations.)

All American KTM of Ramona, California of the top KTM dealerships in the United States, will provide motorcycles, plus technical service. Owner, David Charette said; “The team is excited, not only to be racing, but to be involved with the public awareness aspect. I know we’ll be well received. We hope the fans in the pits will stop and say, hello!