The Capture the Flag/James Stewart New Era is Coming…

In 2004 New Era Cap Company celebrated 50 years of the 59FIFTY and in turn launched CAPTURE THE FLAG® to mark the milestone. The artist-inspired premium headwear collection, designed by individuals who are pioneers in their own right, symbolizes passion, constant change and captures the essence of originality. Detailed, distinct and destined to be in high demand, CAPTURE THE FLAG® embraces the authenticity that helped build New Era in 1920.

On February 16th, New Era Cap will release the extremely limited edition collection (290 units globally) with CAPTURE THE FLAG® / JAMES STEWART. Developed with the original 59FIFTY and by James Stewart himself, the latest addition to CAPTURE THE FLAG® is the first within the motocross industry. With accents ranging from satin to suede and a portion of proceeds donated to charity, CAPTURE THE FLAG® / JAMES STEWART promises to take headwear to the next level. Joining the CTF ranks with the likes of Spike Lee, Jake Burton and The Game; James Stewart will no doubt be exposed to a whole new audience – but then again what’s new.

Before the release of the cap at retail, New Era will be throwing a little VIP shindig on Thursday for James to launch the collection. On the eve of that party, we were lucky enough to sit down with James and rap about the project, what it means to him and what we can look forward to. While we can’t show you images of the hat just yet, you may be able to come to your own conclusions. However, check back on Friday for a full review, images and where to pick up the collection.

If you live in SoCal and think you should be on the list, write a short paragraph of why you need to be there and email it to and you might be picked to kick it with James and celebrate the launch of CAPTURE THE FLAG® – JAMES STEWART.