The Chris Ackerman Trust

Chris Ackerman is a committed moto-x rider and definitely a friend of the sport. From San Clemente, he has been part of the organization that brought freestyle moto-x to ESPN and the X-Games and has worked for a majority of the events. For the last year and a half, Chris has been running the business side of the Metal Mulisha.


About two months ago, Chris was on a freestyle road trip out in the desert with the best riders in the world. While riding Dumont Dunes, he somehow didn’t see a razor back (a huge gap between two hills) and launched off of it without knowing, crashing into the other side. As a result, Chris has been through many surgeries for a broken neck, amongst other injuries. He is working on a full recovery, but currently has no feeling or movement below his neck.

Your contributions will help Chris make up the difference between the amount his insurance will cover and the total of his hospital bills. Any contribution you make will help the greatest guy in the world¿and that’s a fact. Today, May 21, 2003, I got word that Chris moved one of his fingers a little bit this morning. This is a really good sign, but there is a very long road ahead and all the help you can give will be very appreciated.

Make checks payable to: The Chris Ackerman Trust

Send checks to: Ruth Hutchins 2701 Via Montecito San Clemente, CA 92672