The Dragon Tour

CARLSBAD, CA. — The Dragon Mystery Tour is coming to three towns this summer. Co-sponsored by Adio shoes, the idea is simply a way for unsponsored kids to showcase their skills in an unconventional, un-judged format where instead of impressing judges they’re showing off for Dragon and Adio’s pros.

It’s the Mystery Tour because the random kid who surfs well is a mystery that needs to be discovered. It begins with a two-hour-long free-surfing session where the best six kids are identified by the pros and plucked from the water. They are then asked to surf a second time with those same pros. The event will finish when the pros get together to vote on a final, single standout.

To finish out the day, the surfer with the most votes is announced at a huge barbecue held at the local host shop. The winner will receive a giant contract to sign, flow sponsorship for a year from Dragon and Adio, and the possibility of sticking for years to come.

There will also be tons of free food and promo gear for everyone. So bring you’re ‘A’ game to one of the following three beaches and show the pros how it’s done in your ‘hood.

  • September 8, 8 a.m., Encinitas (D-Street), BBQ at Surf Ride Solana Beach
  • September 9, 8a.m., Santa Monica (Tower 26), BBQ at ZJ Board shop
  • September 15, 8 a.m., San Clemente (Pier), BBQ at Catalyst

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