The Full Circle Foundation Presents: “David Bailey’s All Star Extravaganza”

When: Monday, September 11th
Where: Cahuilla Creek MX Park and Pole Position Raceway
Why: For the Benefit of Injured Riders

We are pleased to announce a unique and exciting opportunity for anyone who loves the sport of motocross. On Monday September 11th, the day following the Glen Helen National, you are invited to participate and attend an incredible day of riding, fun and camaraderie, all for the benefit of David Bailey and other injured riders from our sport.

David Bailey’s All-Star Extravaganza is an event created with intentions to celebrate the sport of motocross while at the same time generating unique opportunities to raise money for those who have fallen and are living in tough times.

David says: “I watched the sport of triathlon put on a simple event to raise money to buy an accessible van for a triathlete who was hit by a car while training for the Hawaii Ironman. They raised more than enough. That was eight years ago. Last year they raised 1.7 million! Now, as a result, thousands of “Challenged Athletes” are healthier and more productive. I was one of them!”

“While I have been experiencing my own hardships this year, it occurred to me that motocross needs an event like that. The sport is growing, but in the area of funding challenged riders and charities it isn’t. The increase of injuries has ignited plenty of ride days and fundraisers, but I feel we can do better. “

The Extravaganza Experience – Part I

Learn and Ride With Legends! Limited to 100 participants.

The event kicks off at Cahuilla Creek MX Park near Temecula, California at 9:00AM. 100 VIP riders will be greeted by some of the most legendary motocross racers in our sports history for a day of instruction from riders like Ivan Tedesco, Travis Pastrana, Andrew Short, Ryan Hughes, Rick Johnson and more. Some of the sport’s biggest stars have been contacted and this is sure to be the most incredible opportunity ever to meet and learn from the best.

The school will be divided into four groups and each will spend an hour with two top riders. At the end of each hour the school rotates to a different section with two more top riders Eight top riders soon to be announced will cover four sections of Cahuilla Creek. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Also, there will be a catered lunch and an open ride session afterwards where the VIP attendees can try out your newly learned skills with some of the instructors on Cahuilla’s new layout.

All VIP Riders attending the Cahuilla Creek event are also included in a special VIP reception for the evening function, which is:

The Extravaganza Experience – Part II

An Epic Night of Fun at Pole Position Raceway!

At 6:00PM, the doors of Pole Position Raceway will open to greet our VIP Riders from the day’s riding event. At 7:00, the doors will open to the general public for $25.

At Pole Position Raceway, a silent and live auction will be held with some of the most unique items ever offered at an event of this nature. After we have completed the auction portion of the evening and our guests have had a chance to mingle with many of our sport’s biggest stars, the track will be open for kart racing. All proceeds will go directly to the Full Circle Foundation for the benefit of David Bailey and other riders.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hang with your favorite riders and industry folks. Here’s how you can participate:

To register for the entire day’s activities as a “VIP Rider”
Contact: The Gary Bailey MX School
Phone: 276 650-1759 or register online at

Cost: Only $350 for the entire day

Includes lunch, dinner and VIP treatment all day long!