The Future of Motocross is Now

¿David Bailey to launch new and innovative approach to training¿

Murrieta, Ca. (04/26/04) During the time I have coached on the professional level and taught schools at the amateur level, I have found riders all have the same basic questions… How do I schedule my time and training in a way to reach my goals and how do I win races consistently?

I wanted to know the same thing when I was coming through the ranks. My dad coached me in my riding technique, but as I would later find out, there was much more to winning than just riding technique. I needed to know how to train and how often? What was the right mix between weight lifting and riding? How many days a week should I be on the bike riding, and what kind of riding should I be doing? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered in order to prepare for success and winning.

Over the course of my career I was able to draw from my dad¿s experience when it came to riding technique, which ultimately caught the eyes of Roger DeCoster and a Honda factory ride. With Jeff Spencer acting as the team trainer, I gained even more knowledge and was soon winning races and titles. Few riders have the budget and connections to access such expert advice until now.

As of right now, I am offering special consulting sessions to riders as well as their support team (parents, team managers, sponsors and mechanics) across the country and around the world. These sessions will be conducted by phone and through e-mail and will be specifically tailored to coach you in achieving all of your racing career goals. Sessions will address: physical training and mental conditioning, diet, practice scheduling, riding technique, video riding analysis, sponsorship and negotiations as well as media training. Special discounts will be offered at all David Bailey MX schools to riders participating in these coaching sessions.

Physical training, proper diet, mental toughness and a written game plan are all-fundamental to winning and cannot be overlooked. If you are committed to improving your racing results and want to put yourself on the path to becoming a successful pro, you must have a coach. If you are serious about enhancing your amateur or professional racing career, call to book your coaching session. Sessions are extremely limited so call today.

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