The Top 10 Reasons to Visit

MX for Children is a fundraising organization started in 2005 by Paul Gross, whose son William was born prematurely with a condition known as hydrocephalus (excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain) as a result of the trauma of his birth. While staying with William at Children’s Hospital, Paul started to think of ways he could give back to the hospital that saved his son’s life, which lead to his formation of MX for Children. Currently, MX for Children works with Live Nation and other members of the motocross industry to hold various fundraising events throughout the year, with all proceeds going back to Children’s Hospitals. That should be reason enough for you to visit, but in case you need more motivation, here are our top ten reasons to visit their site, learn more about them, and get involved…

Reason #10: Photos
Everyone loves photos, and at they have photos from previous Inside Line Experiences with Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Ivan Tedesco, and other top riders.

Reason #9: Get Some Autographs
At you can learn about a free autograph session with James Stewart, Tim Ferry, Ryan Villopoto and other top pros that will be held at Renton Motorcycles RMC before the Seattle Supercross later this month.

Reason #8: RC Supports It
Ricky Carmichael gets a ton of requests, but he has made a point to be involved with MX for Children events, including the Inside Line Experience at the 2006 Seattle Supercross. Heck, if it’s good enough for RC, it’s good enough for us!

Reason #7: Ryan Villopoto
This year, Washington’s own Ryan Villopoto will be participating in the MX for Children events at the Seattle Supercross.

Reason #6: A Chance to Hang Out With the Stars
One of the highlights of the MX for Children events surrounding the Seattle Supercross is the Inside Line Experience, where winners get to hang out with top supercross racers in a small, relaxed environment.

Reason #5: Take the Inside Line
Winners of the Inside Line Experience also attend the Supercross press conference; watch a private practice at Qwest Field; tour a factory rig; walk the track; and get a pit pass and great seats! It’s a VIP package that you really can’t find anywhere else. The top ten fundraisers over $500 by April 22 receive two Inside Line passes, which means there’s not much time left; head over to to sign up.

Reason #4: You Could Win a 2007 RMZ-250
This year’s grand prize is a 2007 RMZ-250 donated by Suzuki that will be raffled off at the Seattle Supercross.

Reason #3: Raffle Tickets Are Only $5!
Raffle tickets for the RMZ-250 are only five dollars (would could also win an Xbox 360 or an iPod Nano), but this is the last week to buy tickets. CLICK HERE to head straight to the MX for Children website and buy your raffle tickets.

Reason #2: Dakota
MX for Children is all about helping kids by raising money for Children’s Hospital, but as Dakota Yaskow showed at this year’s Toronto Supercross, everyone involved in MX for Children benefits.

Every night after school, Dakota — who is only six years old, by the way — would get his homework done and then start knocking on doors to get donations for the Inside Line Experience fundraiser. According to Dakota’s mom, he had such a great sales pitch that people just couldn’t say no.

In the end, Dakkota’s hard work paid off; he was one of the top fundraisers and was able to go meet his favorite Supercross stars and take in the whole Inside Line Experience at this year’s Toronto Supercross.

Reason #1: The Kids at Children’s Hospital
As MX for Children explains on their website; “The Amp’d Mobile Supercross Inside Line Experience Pledge Drive raises funds to support uncompensated care and hydrocephalus research at the Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center. Hydrocephalus is the #1 cause of brain surgery in children. Your efforts will help improve the lives of kids that have to endure multiple brain surgeries to live. All proceeds benefit Children’s Hospital.”

Well there you have it; our top ten reasons to visit and get involved. So what are you waiting for?!