The Two-Stroke World Championship’s “Rev-Off” Expected To Affect Global Climate For Weeks To Come

The first annual Two-Stroke World Championships, June 26/27 at Glen Helen raceway, is planning the world’s first (and probably last) “Rev-Off” during the day’s festivities.

It will be the largest single gathering of two-stroke motorcycles running at full throttle in the history of motocross. Event promoter Rick Doughty explains, “We’re going to get everyone into the starting area, we’re all going to start our bikes at the same time, we’ll rev the hell out of them for two minutes and bask in the sound of a giant mass of two-strokes.

“We’ll also make one hell of a big cloud of blue smoke, which will probably change weather patterns for several states downwind of us….but what the heck.”

Other, more sane plans include race classes for all two-strokes, plus a 200% Pro Purse.

Please bring your earplugs. You’re gonna need them. A camera to shoot this historic event would be a good idea too. And leave your four-stroke home.

The Two-Stroke World Championships is sponsored by Pro Circuit and Hahm Motorsports.

For more information about the Two-Stroke World Championships call 714-694-0066 or visit the website at