When Mitch Payton created what would eventually become the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team in the early 90s, he used the uniform look of other professional motorsports as his inspiration. Payton liked that every member of the NASCAR, Indy Car, and NHRA teams he saw wore matching crew shirts and pants, that each bike looked identical, and that every sponsor was well represented. He launched the PEAK Honda team in 1991 with Jeremy McGrath, Brian Swink, and Steve Lamson in matching AXO gear on blue Honda CR125s and as they say, the rest is history. Payton changed the way motocross teams looked and operated overnight and now every team in the pit looks like well, a “team.” Payton has not let this tradition end and the current PC squad uses matching Thor gear designed to strict specifications. With this, we contacted the crews at Thor, Leatt, and Alpinestars for how they can give a rider like Dean Wilson the personalization he wants while still looking the PC part.

Helmet: Thor MX Verge
Size: Small
Price: $324.99

Wilson uses Thor's newest high-end helmet, the Verge. It made its debut at last fall's Monster Energy Cup on Ryan Villopoto, but has trickled down to every racer in the company's roster and all praise it for the lightweight and ventilation. All Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki helmets are painted identically by AP Designs and include both team and personal sponsors. Despite being around six feet tall, Wilson wears a size small helmet.

Goggles: SCOTT Hustle
Price: $67.99

The Hustle by SCOTT is Wilson's preferred frame. Because of the heat and humidity of the outdoors, all of his goggles have a maxi pad applied to the forehead for extra absorption. Wilson prefers a clear lens, which is typically loaded with 14 laminated tearoffs. It may just be coincidence, but in nearly every photo from the first two Nationals, he is using the Tangent Red colorway.

Neck Brace: Leatt GPX Pro Lite
Size: Large/Extra-Large
Price: $499.00

A long-time advocate of the Leatt-Brace and its protective qualities, Wilson uses the brand's premier offering, the GPX Pro Lite. His bigger frame necessitates it to be the Large/Extra-Large size, which is then fitted with 0MM sizing pins and the rear thoracic panel angled 10 degrees and spaced in. N-Style makes graphics for the brace that are similar to both the scheme of the bike and gear. 

Jersey: Thor Phase
Size: Medium
Color: Monster Energy/Pro Circuit 2013 Spring Signature
Price: $39.95

While they can practice during the week in other colors or lines from Thor's catalog, the team races only in their signature Pro Circuit colorway. Thor designers come up with new designs each year, but the black and green Monster Energy base always remains. Sponsor logos of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team are sublimated into the chest and sleeves. To taking ventilation even further, numerous cuts are made to the front and rear of the jersey with a razor blade.

Gloves: Thor Void
Size: Medium
Color: Red
Price: $21.95

Though they must run the same gear and helmet scheme, PC riders are free to use any Thor glove of their choice. With that, Wilson will only use the lightweight Void in red. He prefers the minimalistic build and the tightness of low closure of the wrist. That he only uses red is a personal choice and adds a contrast of color to the green/black/white that is the rest of his kit.

Pants: Thor Core
Size: 31
Color: Monster Energy/Pro Circuit 2013 Spring Signature
Price: $109.95

All PC riders use same base pant, but Wilson's are unique. To ensure a perfect fit, Thor tailors a pair of pants to 31 inches, which is a size not something offered in the company's catalog. Monster Energy, Vans, and Pro Circuit logos are sewn onto the fabric for more branding.

Knee Braces: CTi2 Pro Sport
Size: Custom
Price: Varies

CTi2 braces surround Wilson's knees. CTI2 is credited as the company who invented the modern motocross knee brace and each brace is custom fit to a rider's personal size and needs.

Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10
Price: $579.99

Black boots were once a choice made by those afraid of the stains that white boots acquire, but they have become the choice of young racers looking for a way to stand out. Wilson is one of those racers and had Alpinestars make him a custom pair of Tech 10s, which are the black boots with white panels and buckles.

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