The Winner of the TWMX Goon Riding Contest

Last week, as April Fool’s Day was quickly approaching and piles of goon riding videos began filling the TWMX inbox, we started to realize that this contest might have been a mistake. To expect the average Joe to churn out a goon riding session of the caliber we’ve seen from pros like DV12 and Ham-Bone is clearly too tall an order; which ironically means that to be a solid goon rider, you have to start out with some serious riding skills. Go figure…

With that said, we did come across a few goon video entries that had us laughing in our cubicles, and among them, was the entry from Kai Sedlak. We’re not sure if it’s the riding gear that consists solely of what looks like a pair of boxers (sans shirt or pants), or his friends chuckling in the background, but Kai’s video is pretty funny and we chose it to win the TWMX Good Riding Contest, and the accompanying TWMX prize pack.

Thanks to everyone that entered. Oh, and the attorneys want us to remind you to never ride a dirt bike beyond your limitations, and to always use the appropriate safety gear.

Don’t forget to check out Kai’s video by clicking on the link to the right >>