The first to offer the Shok-SpotR Helmet Impact Detector free with every helmet purchase!

Doc Bodnar and are proud to announce an industry first!  With Doc Bodnar being the founder of, he of course jumps at the chance to improve the safety of this sport.  Knowing that, when the great guys at Shok-SpotR ( approached him, he knew they had something special.  The Shok-SpotR is a device that is added to your helmet and it will let you know if your helmet has sustained a significant enough impact to warrant a professional inspection and/or replacement.  Of course, if you feel your helmet has been damaged and the sensor hasn’t gone off, you should still have the manufacturer take a look at the helmet.  And helmet manufacturers always recommend inspection and/or replacement if the helmet has had an impact.

Now, with the purchase of any helmet from, who donates its profits to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center, you will receive a Shok-SpotR.  The Shok-SpotR will be mailed separately to you, and you merely stick it on the back of your helmet.  Also, if you already have a helmet, you can purchase a Shok-SpotR from is unique in the industry because it is an extension of, the Internet’s premier motocross talk show, and because it aims to be a one-stop-shopping place for the motocross industry’s most innovative, unique, and elite products.  And again, they were developed to support the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center, which is the traveling on-site medical facility for Supercross and the Nationals.