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This week on The Daily Habit:

JOHN RATTRAY Monday 5.21.07
He broke out his street skating skills and advanced the Zero team to the finals in the 2007 Tampa Pro, Zero skateboards team rider John Rattray will be in the studio. Growing up in Scotland, a place known more for rain than skateboarding, John tells us what inspired him to keep shredding, and how he’s known for always having solid video parts. Plus, correspondent Chris Fairbanks tries to answer one of the most timeless questions in skate; Goofy or Regular? And, a behind the scenes look at the Skatepark of Tampa with owners Ryan Clements & Brian Schaefer. John’s sponsors include: Osiris, Zero Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Focus Skate Shop (Glasgow & Edinburgh), Modus Bearings, and Sun Diego Mail Order.

TORAH BRIGHT Tuesday 5.22.07
Today’s guest is a 2006 Winter Olympic Australian Team rider. This year, she’s the Winter X Games Gold medalist and World Super Pipe Champ, recently bringing home $100,000 from the 2007 Burton US Open. Pro snowboarder Torah Bright is here. With so much to cover, we’re going over all the best highlights of Torah’s incredibly successful pro career, including her latest victory as the “Ticket to Ride World Champion. Plus, former member of “Hot Water Music, Gainesville, Florida musician Chuck Ragan is here to perform for us. Torah’s sponsors include: Roxy and Boost Mobile.

KEN “SKIN DOG” COLLINS Wednesday 5.23.07
He just won the Billabong XXL Big Wave award, Ken “Skin Dog Collins comes out of the tube and into the studio. Ken takes us back to the day that he dropped into his prize winning monster tube down at Puerto Escondido, and tells us what it felt like to score the coveted “Ride of the Year award. Plus, the band “What Made Milwaukee Famous rocks the Daily Habit stage. And, Jordan Morris takes one for the team when he visits the roller-rink of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. Ken’s sponsors include: Channel Island Surfboards/ Al Merrick and Volcom Stone Clothing.

HANNAH TETER Thursday 5.24.07
Today’s guest is the 2006 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist – that’s in addition to gold medals in the World Snowboard Championships, the Vans Cup and Winter X Games… you guessed it, Hannah Teter is here. Having already made a world wide impact at just 20 years old, Hannah takes us through her greatest moments, from the top of the Olympic podium to her charity called “Hannah’s Gold. Plus, correspondent Sven Barth finds the super fans of the 2007 Tampa Pro. While correspondent Chris Fairbanks heads to the slopes to find out how snowboarders are spending their last day of the season. Hannah’s sponsors include: Burton, Mountain Dew, Anon, and the U.S. Snowboarding Team.

HENRY ROLLINS Friday 5.25.07
Musician, poet, actor and performance artist Henry Rollins returns to the studio to catch us up on all of his latest happenings. With his second season of “The Henry Rollins Show in full swing, Henry tells us a little about who will be dropping by and what surprises he has in store this season. Plus, one of the first relevant bands in skate, Dinosaur Junior is here — yes, you read that right… Dinosaur Jr. is performing live in studio. Plus, Brayden Szafranski and the Baker skate team hit the putt putt course, literally.

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This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile:

This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, we start with cooverage of the Pro-Tec Pool Party held at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California, where Rune Glifberg took first place in the pros division, followed by Bucky Lasek in second, and Omar Hassan took third. In the masters division, Chris Miller took the title, while Lance Mountain skated to second and Steve Caballero landed in third.

In other skateboard news, the Florida Bowlriders Cup wrapped up its 2007 season at the Treaty Park in St. Augustine, Florida and then in Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville. Benji Galloway took first place in both contests and also won the overall title.

Woodward Camp has opened a new facility at Copper Mountain, Colorado and we get an inside look.

In snowboarding news, Mammoth Mountain, California hosted the West Coast Invitational and young gun Jonas Michelot won the night rail jam, while Chad Otterstrom took the Vans Fiesta De La Pipa contest, edging out Chas Guldemond in second.

In surf news, early rounds of the Billabong Pro Tahiti, the third stop of the ASP World Tour, resulted in some surprising upsets including Taj Burrow and Kelly Slater both getting knocked out before the quarterfinals. For only the second time in ASP history the contest waiting period was extended to wait for better waves for the final day.

In other surf news, Red Bull premiered its movie “Tai Fu, which follows a trip by Ross Clark-Jones and several other surfers to chase huge waves in Japan generated by a typhoon.

In BMX news, pro Allan Cooke is back on the road with his Local Exposure Tour traveling across the Southwest looking for the hottest unsponsored amateur rider.

In the Weekly Update With Boost Mobile One-on-One interview, pro surfer Ken “Skindog Collins talks about his Billabong XXL Global Big Wave award.

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