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This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, we’ve a special year-end recap of the best one-on-ones from 2006. FMX Pro Jeremy “Twitch Stenberg talks about “THE crash and his impending comeback. BMX Pro Ryan Guettler talks about his own crash in Louisville and regaining his confidence to get back on the podium.

16-year-old pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler talks about his drive to win every single contest. Pro snowboard legend Todd Richards has had a career full of victories and medals, but he’s prolonged it by talking a good talk as well.

And finally, pro surfer Shane Dorian is looking for the elusive 100-foot wave. In his one-on-one, he talks about what it takes to ride the biggest waves.

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This week on The Daily Habit:

Micah Byrne, Monday, 1/1/07
Our first guest of 2007 has five NSSA titles and is heating up on the WQS. Pro surfer Micah Byrne is in the studio. Plus, field correspondent Jordan Morris works on his game with the models at the Stuff Style Awards. And, host Pat Parnell gets to hang out with Jamie O’Brien in his backyard, which just so happens to be “Pipeline. Micah’s sponsors include: Hurley, HSS, Ezera Surfboards, DVS, Vestal, Pro Lite, and Matix.

Anthony Napolitan, Tuesday, 1/2/07
BMX Pro Anthony Napolitan didn’t miss a single final last year and wound up with an X Games medal and a overall Dew Cup win. He wouldn’t miss a visit to The Daily Habit studio either. Plus, our very own Daily Habit intern gets the scoop at the Arby’s Action Sports Awards. And, we’re crashing the Hurley House with pro surfer Pat O’Connell for a team rider wake up call on the North Shore. Anthony’s sponsors include: Hoffman Bikes, Levis, Duffs Shoes, Sobe, Target, Right Guard, Ogio, Profile Racing, System Cycle, Dark Matter, Team Blowin It, Maxxis, and Woodward Camp.

Sofia Mulanovich, Wednesday, 1/3/07
The Daily Habit welcomes one of the most respected female surfers in the world, 2006 Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing winner Sofia Mulanovich. Plus, host Pat Parnell heads to the North Shore to interview the fans at the Rip Curl Pipeline Pro. And, field correspondent Trisha Morris goes to the premiere of “For Your Consideration. Sofia’s sponsors include: Red Bull, Roxy, Reef, Ripley, Lan, Peru, Prom Peru, and Movistar.

Rahm Klampert, Thursday, 1/4/07
Pro snowboarder Rahm Klampert boasts not one, but two US Open wins. Plus, correspondent Keir Dillon takes us to the Transworld Rider’s Poll Awards. And, “Snakes on a Plane just came out on DVD, so we’re taking a look back at some hilarious moments with Jordan Morris at the premiere. Rahm’s sponsors include: Von Zipper, Grenade, RVCA, Mathematics, Jacks Garage, and Ogio.

Neil Hendrix, Friday, 1/5/07
Long-time pro skater and a director at the infamous Woodward Camp, Neil Hendrix hits the studio. He’s got five X Games medals to his name, and find out what else he’s been up to. Plus, The Daily Habit cameras go inside the Dew Tour to catch host Pat Parnell hard at work. And Neal takes us down memory lane with some of his favorite travels and best photos of all time. Neil’s sponsors include: Vans, Element, Destructo Trucks, Triple 8 Helmets, and CTI Kneebraces.

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