This week on The Daily Habit, The Weekly Update with Boost Mobile

This week on The Daily Habit:

Cory Lopez   Monday :: 06/25
One of the most exciting competitors on the WCT, respected for his constant progression and his ability to go-for-it at all costs — pro surfer Cory Lopez is here at the Habit today. Plus, he’s Officer James Garcia on Comedy Central’s Reno 911 and the voice of the Taco Bell Chihuahua, actor and comedian Carlos Alazraqui drops in. And, Pat Parnell spends some quality time with Rob Machado and Kelly Slater on the North Shore. Cory Lopez’ sponsors include: O’Neill, DVS, Placebo Surfboards, Monster Energy Drink, Anarchy Eyewear, Freestyle Watches, and Black Line Traction.
Paul Schmitt   Tuesday :: 06/26
Blinding skaters with science for nearly thirty years and making over 10-million boards in the process, legendary Schmitt Stix board maker and the president of PS Stix, Paul Schmitt is our guest today.  Paul gives us a step-by-step board making tutorial straight out of his “CreatASkate” program. Plus, the ladies of Salinas Swimwear stop by the studio to show off their 2007 summer line.  
Chas Guldemond  Wednesday :: 06/27
One of the quickest rising names in slopestyle, a former Transworld “Rookie of the Year” nominee and DC team rider, Chas Guldermond is here.  Also, world renowned DJ, Cut Chemist, spins some madness on the Daily Habit stage.  Chas Guldemonde’s sponsors include: DC, Rockstar Energy Drink, Electric, Grenade Gloves, Kicker Audio, and North Star at Tahoe Resort.
Chico Brenes   Thursday :: 06/28
He’s been in all the classics; “Skate More, “Hot Chocolate and “Yeah Right — Chocolate team rider Chico Brenes is here. And, Chico just took second place at the first stop of Red Bull Manny Mania and is here to give us the lowdown on this insanely technical contest.  Plus, Sven Barth gets his “art-on at the unveiling of the new P Rod Mountain Dew bottle, painted by our own Chris Pastras. Chico’s sponsors include: LRG Clothing, DVS, Chocolate, and Autobahn.
Kalani Robb and Tory Barron Friday :: 06/29
Hard charging Fox team rider, North Shore native and one of the stars of FUEL TV’s “Drive Thru series, Kalani Robb is back.  Also on the show, a young gunner who showed us his Backdoor expertise at the 2007 Monster Energy Pipeline Pro; Tory Barron drops in.  Plus, Norwegian electronic-dance band Datarock puts our audio guys to the test. Kalani Robb’s sponsors include: Gravis, Electric, Fox Racing, Channel Islands, Da Kine.  Tory Barron’s sponsors are: Barron Boards, Tavik Industries, and Xcel.
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This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile:

This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, we give you a recap of the fourth stop of the King of Wake World Cup Series, which is also the third stop of the Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour. Phillip Soven triumphed in Island Lake County, Minnesota, while Rusty Malinoski came in second, and Andrew Adkison and Chad Sharpe tied for third.
In other news, Pennsylvania’s Camp Woodward  has established an unparalleled reputation for itself with its state-of-the-art playground of ramps and rails. In the BMX finals of the Playstation AM JAM, Kyle Kelsey’s standout flip work that sends him to the top of the podium. With the skate finalls, first place goes to 12-year-old Louie Lopez. On Vert, Chris O’Reilly prevails with a first-place finish.  
In surf news, the best competitive young surfers paddled out for the Billabong Pro Junior where Julian Wilson walked away with the championship.
TransWorld Skateboarding Magazine just turned 25 years old and we’ve got the recap on the birthday celebration, which just so happens to be on the same night as the magazine’s annual TransWorld Skateboarding Awards ceremony .
Considered to be the heart of the Minnesota skate scene, Third Lair skatepark hosts the Damn AM contest, which brought out some exciting runs from skateboard locals. Anthony Schultz took first place, followed by Dylan Perry in second and Cody Davis in third.
Eight-time X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana is featured in this week’s one-on-one. He talks about his so-called retirement from FMX and about his new passion in rally car racing.  
Surfrider Foundation and Surf Aid International are working together against the development of a new toll road that could shut down the beloved beach for good.    
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