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This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, CJ Hobgood overcomes the all-Florida final and wins the first WQS contest of the season, the O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro. At the same event, Alec Parker takes the Red Bull Two-At duel.

  • At Volcom Stone’s Acid Drop Mini-Ramp Fest during the Surf Expo Trade Show, Kyle Berard wins the $10,000 first-place prize.
  • Dean Smith takes the first stop of The Australian Pro Wakeboard tour.
  • Art, music, and charity took place at The Happening in Newport Beach, California.
  • In Austria, Sweden’s Nicky Wieveg defended his title at the Dachstein Glacier during the Pleasure Jam.
  • And in the Weekly Update One-on-One, pro surfer Keala Kennelly talks about her exit from the World Tour.

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This week on The Daily Habit:

JUSSI TARVAINEN – Monday 01/29/07
A pro snowboarder with backcountry skill and always representing big style on film, Trulli Clan member Jussi Tarvainen visits the studio. Also on the show, a live musical performance we’ve been looking forward to from “The Broken West. Plus, surf fan and star of “The Hitcher, Zach Knighton stops by. Jussi’s sponsors include: Dragon, Helly Hansen, Rome, Active Mailorder, and Trulli clan.

NATE TYLER and YADIN NICOL – Tuesday 01/30/07
A pro surfer known for displaying his eclectic style in the waters allover the globe — Volcom and Channel Islands rider Nate Tyler is here. Also on the show, Aussie aerialist Yadin Nicol splashes down in the studio. Plus, red-carpet crasher Jordan Morris takes a swing at “Rocky Balboa. Nate’s sponsors include: Volcom, Spy, Channel Islands, Monster, Body Glove, Plantronics, Destination Surf, and Central Coast Surf Boards. Yadin’s sponsors include: Globe Shoes, Hurley, Smith, Al Merrick/Channel Islands, FCS, and SDS.

LACEY BAKER – Wednesday 01/31/07
A young lady who took first place at Slam City Jam and is currently ranked the number-one female skater; Billabong and Element rider Lacey Baker is here. Plus, correspondent Chris Fairbanks finds out what it takes to get a part in the Oakley skate film “Our Life. And, Thrice’s own Dustin Kensrue drops in for a live musical performance. Lacey’s sponsors include: Es, Billabong, Element, Utility Board Shop, Venture Trucks, and Bones.

KOLOHE and DINO ANDINO – Thursday 02/01/07
An amazing 12-year-old grom who already has three NSSA national titles hanging on the fridge at home; Billabong team rider Kolohe Andino is here. Plus, Kolohe’s dad Dino will be here to tell us about his surf school, where kids actually beg for homework. And, correspondent Chris Pastras gets groomed for Von Zipper’s “Mustache Show. Kolohe’s sponsors include: Billabong, Von Zipper, Kustom Shoes, and Boost Mobile.

KENAN HARKIN – Friday 02/02/07
A pro BMX rider who takes charge on the course and up in the announcing booth — BMX announcer and Reptile enthusiast Kenan Harkin is on the show. Plus, we will be joined live in studio by some very special reptile friends of Kenan’s from the San Diego Zoo. Kenan’s sponsors include: Adidas, Dragon, and Fox.

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