Thor AC2 Vented Glove

APPLICATION: Sizes S-XXL in white/navy, black/alloy, blue/orange or red/alloyPRICE: $24.95 If you’re like us and find yourself cutting laps in 110-degree heat on smog-filled tracks like Glen Helen at high noon, you know that things can get a bit warm. The question is, what can be done to prevent overheating and keep you charging ’til the moto’s end?

With summer approaching rapidly, Thor has the answer to your warm-weather needs with their new AC2 vented gear system. Complimenting the lineup that top riders like Tallon Vohland wear at the steamy summer Nationals is the AC2 glove, which is an extremely lightweight, vented unit manufactured with heat in mind.

The mesh intake system and palm exhaust panels provide continuous airflow, keeping your paws nice and cool during riding. The difference in heat is actually quite noticeable, and every test rider that wore the AC2 raved about the increased airflow.

The gloves are extremely effective in bringing the temperature to your hands down, but that same light weight and thin fabric can also act as a down side. Obviously, protection and wear are compromised with the AC2, but there’s a price to be paid for cool hands. Pastrana wannabes with handguards will be perfectly safe, though the cooling effects won’t be as great.

Bottom line is that if you’re in the sand on a hot day, the AC2 gloves are perfect for battling the heat. If you’re riding a track littered with rocks, however, be prepared for flashbacks of an old schoolyard game: bloody knuckles.RATING: 8.5Call your local Parts Unlimited dealer or visit