THOR MX Introduces Innovative Force Helmet

El Cajon, CA (2/10/05) ¿ Wonder no more! The most speculated / anticipated helmet of the 2005 season is here, and it’s here for you. The new Thor Force helmet has been relentlessly designed, developed, and refined with the rider in mind.

From the numerous airflow designs, to the no-tool visor screws, and the integrated color gaskets; every detail has been finetuned to maximize rider performance, comfort and appearance.

With its advanced form and function, the Force Helmet will, no doubt, keep you at the head of your class. Not to mention the intense new graphics that will have you stylin’ all the way to the podium.

This completely innovative helmet has been tested by Supercross Champion Chad Reed on possibly the most grueling stage there is...the 2005 THQ AMA Supercross Series.

With his input along with other great riders such as Michael Byrne, Ivan Tedesco, Grant Langston, Matt Walker, and Paul Carpenter this helmet is truly race ready and sure to have your stamp of approval.

* The Force Helmet exceeds all Snell and DOT standards.

Force Helmet

  • Custom chrome mouth guard with extended roost guard.
  • Rubber thumb screws for quick/easy visor adjustments.
  • Light and flexible polypropylene visor with plenty of air flow.
  • Top and rear exhaust vents channel air out from interior.
  • Shell mold has side grooves to channel air and help stabilize.
  • Rolled eyeport gasket with integrated goggle grabbers.
  • Eyeport design curves inward to better accommodate a closer, more secure goggle position.
  • Lightweight composite fiberglass, Spectra, and Kevlar construction.
  • Ram-air forehead vents guide air into channels in dual density EPS padding.
  • Removable Aquatrans liner and cheek pads wick away moisture.
  • Polyurethane/EPS chinbar for extended frontal impact protection.
  • Color gaskets integrate with graphics.
  • Stabilizer fin included to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Colors ($269.95 -- MSRP)

  • Blue / Black
  • Red / Black
  • Alloy / Black
  • Rubatone Black
  • White

Specialty Colors

  • Rubatone Black / Red ($279.95 -- MSRP)
  • Blue Chrome ($299.95 -- MSRP)
  • Reed Replica ($299.95 -- MSRP)