THOR MX’s Austin Stroupe wins first career AMA race

Thor’s Austin Stroupe celebrates his first win of his AMA career in Houston.

Since the start of the season, Stroupe has placed in the top 5 in 5 of the 7 west coast rounds, he’s grabbed the hole shot and made the podium 3 times with 1 win. Not bad for a rookie.

In the Lites class, it was a five-way battle for the lead. Ryan Dungy, Jason Lawrence, Jake Weimer, Thor’s Brett Metcalfe and Thor’s Austin Stroupe made the race exciting and unpredictable. Dungey started off in the lead, then lost it after stumbling in the whoops. Stroupe then caught up to the top 4 and worked his way through the pack, passing Lawrence for the lead on lap 6. It was a close battle between Stroupe and Lawrence, but Stroupe stayed in front and landed his first career AMA win!

Stoupe is now third in the Lites season point standings, with teammate Brett Metcalfe in fourth. Stroupe and Metcalfe will get a break while the AMA heads to the east coast – returning to the west coast in Seattle on April 26th for an exciting fight for the #1 plate.

In the SX main, Thor’s Chad Reed had a rough start and finished the first lap in seventh. He worked his way through the pack, trying to catch up to leader Kevin Windham. Thor’s Josh Hill held onto second for most of the race, until Reed came charging past him on a mission to take over the lead. Windham was too far ahead. Reed finished in second and continues to lead the season point standings by 32. 

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See you at the races!


1. Kevin Windham

2. Chad Reed  THOR

3. Tim Ferry

4. Josh Hill   THOR

5. Andrew Short

6. Nathan Ramsey

7. Charles Summey

8. David Millsaps

9. Nick Wey

10. David Vuillemin


1. Chad Reed (169 points) THOR

2. Kevin Windham (137)

3. Tim Ferry (119)

4. Andrew Short (101)

5. David Millsaps (98)

6. Nathan Ramsey (85)

7. Josh Hill (82)  THOR

8. Nick Wey (77)

9. Mike Alessi (69)

10. David Vuillemin (60)


1. Austin Stroupe  THOR

2. Jason Lawrence

3. Jake Weimer

4. Ryan Dungey

5. Brett Metcalf   THOR

6. Dan Reardon

7. Robert Kiniry

8. Wil Hahn

9. Michael Lapaglia

10. Matthew Lemoine


1. Jason Lawrence (135 points)

2. Ryan Dungey (129)

3. Austin Stroupe (113)  THOR

4. Brett Metcalf (112)  THOR

5. Tommy Hahn (101)

6. Dan Reardon (95)

7. Justin Brayton (85)

8. Robert Kiniry (71)

9. Wil Hahn (69)

10. Billy Laninovich (62

x 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Times New Roman”>7. Justin Brayton (85)

8. Robert Kiniry (71)

9. Wil Hahn (69)

10. Billy Laninovich (62