Thor riders dominate X Games!

El Cajon, CA (8/11/04) ¿ In an amazing display of talent and determination, Thor riders took the gold in 3 out of 4 moto events, and won a total of 7 medals. The X Games kicked off with the Best Trick competition where Nate Adams and freestyle phenom Travis Pastrana earned Silver and Bronze for some of the most solid tricks ever thrown.

The gold medals started to flow in after Supercross Legend Jeremy McGrath made his X Games debut a memorable one by taking gold in Step Up at a height of 33′-6″. Finishing with the Silver was Matt Buyten who put in one of the gutsiest performances ever, dislocating his arm twice during his runs.

“Seeing Jeremy go out and win the gold in Step Up was amazing” said Chris “Beeker” Onstott, Rider Rep for Thor. “He’s truly one of the most versatile and exciting riders of all time.”

Not to be outdone, Freestyle rider Nate Adams finally got the X Games monkey off his back by winning the Gold in Freestyle against a battered Travis Pastrana who finished with the Silver. “It was really cool having the two greatest Freestyle riders both in Thor gear, but I had to yell just as loud for each of their amazing runs” added Beeker.

Next it was on to Supermoto, where Thor loaded the deck with Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Jeremy McGrath, and Ben Bostrom. It was Ben Bostrom who took home the Gold in a phenomenal battle that included early leader and eventual Bronze medal winner Jeremy McGrath.

Thor would like to congratulate all of our team riders on their great finishes and we look forward to seeing you out there again next year.