THQ World Supercross GP/THQ AMA Supercross Series Stats Orlando’s Citrus Bowl

250cc stats

  • Reed earned his 20 th career 250cc supercross win last weekend in Daytona.
  • Reed is the 20 th rider in supercross history to have 20 250cc wins. It took him 42 starts to get 20 wins; it took Carmichael 53 starts; McGrath 38 starts; Rick Johnson 76 starts.
  • First time winners at Orlando: Lechien ’84; Lusk ’97.
  • Rick Johnson won his 2 nd career 250cc win in Orlando.
  • On June 11, 1983 points leader Bob Hannah broke his wrist in practice and lost the title to David Bailey.
  • When Lechien won in Orlando, he was the youngest rider in history to win a 250cc main event.
  • LaRocco won back-to-back victories in Orlando (’92-’93).
  • Reed became the 6 th rider in history to win back-to-back in Daytona; he joins Shultz, Stanton, Kiedrowski, McGrath and Carmichael.
  • From ’91-’96, Orlando was the first race of the season.
  • LaRocco made his 14 th start in Daytona and earned his 10 th top five finish at the venue.
  • LaRocco’s results in Orlando: ’91: 6 th ; ’92: 1st; ’93: 1 st ; ’94: 2 nd ; ’95: 4 th ; ’96: 5 th ; ’97: 4 th . 7 starts, 2 wins, 4 top 5 finishes, all top six finishes.
  • LaRocco has 81 total podiums; this is his 17 th consecutive season with a podium.
  • Stewart returns this weekend. 38 races have gone by since the series had a first-time winner. Prior to that 42 rounds went by before the sport has a 1 st -time winner. Stewart can do it this weekend.
  • Since’74, these riders have won their first 250cc supercross on a Kawasaki: Jeff Matasevich (’90); Gaylon Moiser (’78); Jeff Ward (’84); Sebastien Tortelli (’98); Damon Huffman (’94); Mike Kiedrowski (’93); Ricky Carmichael (’00). Carmichael was the last 1 st -time winner for Kawasaki.
  • This is Stewart’s second career 250cc career start.

125cc stats

  • In 15 of 20 races, the winner of the Daytona SX has gone on to win the eastern regional championship. Last weekend Josh Hansen won and now has the points lead.
  • Hansen gave KTM their first Daytona win.
  • Orlando 125cc wins by brand: Suzuki: 4; Kawasaki: 2; Honda: 2; Yamaha: 2.
  • Carmichael and Ferry can join Ezra Lusk as the winner of Orlando on a 125 and 250.
  • KTM team manager Larry Brooks won his first 125cc supercross win.