Three Tales From Christmas

We got quite a few tales of Christmas from our readers, but picked these three as our favorites. We hope you all had a great holiday…or as one reader sent in, Merry Chrismahanakwanzakuh.

Mike & Terri Browne

Christmas – The Dark Side

What’s the one gift a two-stoke guy would never think he’s getting? Yep, a four-stroke!

This was a big gamble for the wife since alls she ever hears is:

  • “I want to sound fast and go slower, not go faster and sound slow.”
  • “I don’t get paid to do this, I pay to do this. Gimme my two-stroke.”
  • “Man, these four-strokes are ruining the racing, where’s my ear plugs?”
  • “I should get a set of yellow plastics for my Yammy.”
  • “I’m getting great deals on my bikes with all these dingies buying four-strokes.”

Soooo imagine my surprise…

Here’s the set up. My wife’s sister just bought a house a few miles away. Her dad’s visiting us for Xmas. So after doing the Xmas thing at my house we all head over to show Dr. Dan her new house. We’re all just standing around out front BS’ing and I don’t even notice my wife taking pictures.

Her sister hands me the garage door opener with a puzzled look on her face. I’m thinking, “What, the opener doesn’t work on your new house?”

I hit the button and BAM! I just about crapped my pants.

So, after her rebellious betrayal of this two-stroke lover, I learn that this is my wife’s way of telling me to get with the times. And… she had the balls to admit that she’s liked the thumper sound better all along. 🙂

I’ll give her credit, if I was ever going to get one, she picked the right one. In a sick kinda cheating way, I’m excited to get out and give it a try.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Mike & Terri Browne

Eric & Bridget

For Christmas, I got to take my better half to the hospital!  I JUST got my bike back from getting new valves, top end etc., and hadn’t ridden for over a month, so I’d been looking forward to putting some laps in.  Eric and I went up to Racetown on the morning of Christmas Eve, and before I could even get my helmet on… a guy comes up to me asking, “Hey, aren’t you Eric’s wife?  Because I think he just crashed.”  Low and behold… here comes Eric on the back of a truck holding his shoulder.  It was great trying to get him in the truck & to the hospital… ever seen the movie, “50 First Dates?”  Well, he was very reminiscent of that guy in the movie with a 30-second memory that you have to start ALL over again every half minute. Haha.  We spent the next three and a half hours in the hospital up in Victorville, finally learning he has a fractured clavicle (collarbone for you non-medical types).  Good thing one of us can still ride, that way the new suspension he got for Christmas on his two-month-old CRF won’t go to waste; I like his bike better than mine anyways. 🙂  How many of YOUR wives/girlfriends can say that? LOL…

Happy Holidays,
Eric & Bridget


My name is Jake, I am three years old, and I live in Huntington Beach, CA.  Santa Claus brought me this cool Honda motorcycle and Fox riding clothes.  My dad has a blue Yamaha.  We’re going to go dirt bike riding together.  Merry Christmas