Thursday Theater:
Check Out Our New, Bigger Video Window!

You asked for it. Heck, in this video DV even asks for it! So the faithful staff at TWMX have brought you a bigger video window. Check it out!

In this video, David Vuillemin and Nick Wey are doing some testing in preparation for the upcoming Supercross season. Swap talks with DV about everything from being on the MDK team, to possibly working at TWMX someday.


Be sure you have installed Quicktime version 7.0 or higher. This latest version of quicktime allows us to compress the larger videos into a manageable file size. The latest version of Quicktime, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at

When you click the link on the right side of this screen to watch the video, you will see a link to the right of the video screen that says “GO BIG”. Click that link to launch the bigger video in a separate window. Be patient, the bigger videos are larger files and will take a little bit longer to download. Enjoy!