Thursday Theater: Four-Plex!

This week we’ve got a four-plex of vids to pick from. Dig in!

Video: 2003 World Vet Championships
Check out some of the action from the World Vet Championships. Riders include Ryan Hughes, Jeff Ward, Doug Dubach, Spud Walters, Kevin Walker and Bader Manneh. (Bader’s the one who almost flies off the track after trying to pass Walker.)
Video Specs: Running time: 2:40.13/File size: 12.3 MB.

Mike LaRocco Interview, Part 1
Check out part one of an interview with Mike LaRocco. In here Mike talks about unleaded fuel, his plans for 2004, and more.
Video Specs: Running time: 5:05.24/File size: 6.2 MB.

Ryder LaRocco
While interviewing Mike LaRocco, Swap also grabbed this interview with Ryder LaRocco, who’d just recently completed his first race. Is Ryder as tough as his pop? We’ll let you decide.
Video Specs: Running time: 2:30.17/File size: 4.3 MB.

And finally, in case you missed our bonus Wednesday video…

Suzuki’s RM-Z450
Nope, the Suzuki RM-Z450 that Akira Narita rode at the final round of the All-Japan National series isn’t just vaporware. There’s now at least one in the U.S. as well. Greg Schnell (in blue garb) and Rich Taylor (in orange gear) took turns flogging this prototype at Perris Raceway.
Video Specs: Running time: 2:45.16/File size: 13.0 MB.

To view the videos, you’ll need Quicktime 6.x, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at