Thursday Theater: Minis, and Broc Hepler

Early this week we got a chance to try out the new SDG Speed Minis at Starwest, and we nabbed some video of TWMX Editor At Large Steve Cox (in the white/blue Alloy gear), Tony Tretta (in the blue/orange O’Neal togs), Danny Carlson (in the red/white Pro Grip apparel), and White Brothers’ Mike Bell (in the yellow/white/black Alloy garb). Yep, we gave the video a speed boost, and yep, the bikes are an absolute blast to ride.


Ryan Cooley also stopped by Broc Hepler’s house in Kittanning, PA, this week to work on a feature that will be found in an upcoming issue of TransWorld MX. While there he got some video of the Iceman riding at High Voltage, which is about 15 minutes away from Broc’s place.


SDG Video Specs: Running time: 2:40.05/File size: 10.1 MB.
Hepler Video Specs: Running time: 2:42.21/File size: 7.0 MB.

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