Thursday Theater: More Ricky Carmichael

We’ve got a trio of videos with RC this week. First up we check out a portion of RC’s new house in Tallahassee, Florida…or at least what we could show of the 7,600 square feet, and 14 acres.

Next, check out RC and his trainer, Aldon Baker, as they break in a trio of new spin bikes.

And just to show that on a bike isn’t the only kind of spinning RC can do, we’ve got a quickie clip of him doing a bit of minor wrenching on his big Honda four-stroke.

To view the videos, you’ll need Quicktime 6.x, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at

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RC House Tour Video Specs: Running time: 13:29.15/File size: 22.8 MB.
RC Spin Video Specs: Running time: 2:47.00/File size: 8.0 MB.
RC Filter Video Specs: Running time: 37.01/File size: 1.6 MB.