Thursday Theater: Moto-Multiplex

Feel the need for a little video action? We’ve got a pretty good selection to choose from this week. There’s action from the World Mini, with Mike Alessi, Josh Grant, and Jeff Ward (who rode an exhibition race). There are also videos of Davi Millsaps and Broc Hepler aboard Suzuki RM-Z250s, as well as Nick Wey and Sean Hamlin on their Suzuki RM250s.

To get to the videos, you can click the Related link in the right column, or click the link on the left to get to our ever-growing collection of videos.

To view the video, you’ll need Quicktime 6.x, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at

World Mini Video Specs: Running time: 2:21.23/File size: 11.1 MB.
Davi Millsaps Video Specs: Running time: 2:01.05/File size: 4.6 MB.
Broc Hepler Video Specs: Running time: 44.23/File size: 1.9 MB.
Sean Hamblin Video Specs: Running time: 39.22/File size: 1.8 MB.
Nick Wey Video Specs: Running time: 46.24/File size: 1.8 MB.