Thursday Theater: 250F Web Shootout

Take one top ten National 250cc pro (currently, um…underemployed), add four brand-new 2005 model 250Fs, and what do you get?’s 250F Web Shootout.

Since the 250Fs are a little late in arriving this year, and the print version of our annual shootouts will be later than normal, we decided to hook up our loyal web site readers a little early. After spending most of the last two seasons on a factory 250cc Suzuki two-stroke, Sean Hamblin was more than willing to give the quarter liter four-strokes a try.

We grabbed video of him on all four bikes, got his impressions, and edited it into four different videos. There are videos on the Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki/Kawasaki, and his overall opinion.

Remember, this shootout’s definitely different from our print version. The winner of our magazine 250F Shootout may be entirely different from the one here. What a seasoned pro looks for in a bike may not necessarily jibe with what the majority of TWMX want or need, and our magazine shootout will be extremely comprehensive and all-encompassing, using feedback from testers with a variety of skill levels...not just pros.

So are you ready for one man’s opinion? You’ll need the latest version of Quicktime (available at Click the Video links to the right, and find out which bike was Hambone’s pick...