Thursday Theater: X Games Nuggets

Here are a couple goodies from the X Games, and with their small download size, they’re perfect for those of you on modems or who haven’t tried out the Quicktime videos yet.

The first is Mike Jones’ Barrel Roll Attempt, and the other is Brian Deegan’s whipped backflip that won him the Big Air Gold.

Click the area to get view the individual movie (plus all the others in our ever-growing collection), or click the Related Links on the right column.

To view the video, you’ll need Quicktime 6.x, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at

Deegan Video Specs: Running time: 8 seconds, 14 frames/File size: 790K.

Jones Video Specs: Running time: 6 seconds, 12 frames/File size: 549K.