Thursday Theaters: MX Star Wars

Nope, we don’t have midnight showings (or freaks dressed in costume). Yes, you can access the vids 24/7 for no charge, and no lines. And we don’t have Obi-Wan Carmichael or James Yoda Stewart. But there are 11 different videos to choose from today, including highlights from the Primm Prequel, an interview with Jessica Patterson, and riding videos with Byrne, Vuillemin, Ferry, Langston, McGrath, Ramsey, Roncada, Tedesco, and Reed.

Just for fun, look for a Carmichael video tomorrow.

To get to the videos, you can click the individual link in the right column, or click the Video link on the left to get to our ever-growing collection of movies.

To view the videos, you’ll need the latest version of Quicktime, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at

DV Video Specs: Running time: 39 seconds/File size: 4.0 MB.

Ferry Video Specs: Running time: 41 seconds/File size: 4.2 MB.

Patterson Video Specs: Running time: 2:08/File size: 16.5 MB.

Prequel Video Specs: Running time: 1:54/File size: 12.4 MB.

Ramsey Video Specs: Running time: 27 seconds/File size: 2.7 MB.

Reed Video Specs: Running time: 1:35/File size: 10.6 MB.

Roncada Video Specs: Running time: 42 seconds/File size: 4.1 MB.