Tim Ferry Gears Up for THQ World Supercross GP in Arnhem, Holland

Team Yamaha’s Tim Ferry, who finished second place in the outdoor national season, is fresh off his first podium finish and ready to take on the world. After going down during Thursday’s test session, Ferry decided to sit out of Friday’s practice and hang out in the media room.

Denny: Before the opening round of THQ World Supercross GP, were you nervous about the format of the series?

Tim: I wasn’t nervous at all; we race here all the time and having Clear Channel run the show, it can only get better. It started a little earlier than I would have wanted to. That part is tough but it is going well.

Denny: After the first race, was there anything that surprised you?

Tim: The event was good. I was happy with my result: I got second. I have been to that event before, under different promoters, so I knew what to expect. I have raced in Holland, so I knew what to expect. Plus, everything is the same: We have the same track builders and all of the Clear Channel people, so it’s basically the same thing. Clear Channel supported Yamaha for this and the rest of the teams and riders by shipping our bikes here, so it was pretty easy for us.

Denny: What was your first impression of the track here in Arnhem when you saw it?

Tim: The first thing I thought was that this track is just like the ones we race at in the U.S. It’s a lot bigger, just like the football and baseball fields. This is bigger than last week in Geneva. There were some good battles last week. I think this is great for the European fans. They don’t get to see it all the time. They can now see the best riders in the world.

Denny: What does this championship mean to you?

Tim: It seems like the best riders in the world always come to America. I feel like the U.S. has the best riders even if they are from overseas. This is just another race and it just happens to be in another country. The same riders and the same talent are here. We may be missing a few riders, but we have some great guys here. David (Vuillemin) won three supercrosses last year, and if he did not get hurt, he could have won the title.

Denny: Where do you see supercross going?

Tim: Things are right on schedule and looking great. We will have to see what Yamaha wants to do because I have one more year with them. They were very supportive of these races in Europe.

Denny: Besides racing, are you having fun?

Tim: It has been fun. We went to Paris for a few days. It’s laid back. It seems like everything is more laid back here compared to the U.S. races. Everyone is not rushing around, and the practice starts later in the day, which is good for us because it gives us some free time. I think everything has been going well. I have gotten to relax and sleep in. I have been able to do some sight seeing.

Denny: Tell me about the Thursday test session.

Tim: It was good because we are not used to take two days off the bike. It is pretty cold here, so even if I could ride outside, it would be tough. It’s tough to be off the bike for a few days, but adding in a Thursday and Friday practice and Saturday race is plenty of riding. As long as you don’t travel for a few months at a time, it works out.

Denny: Has this trip helped you build unity with the people who came here on this trip?

Tim: Yes, for sure. It has really helped Team Yamaha. The team manager and the rest of the staff have been able to spend a lot of time together. Usually, the mechanics and us are on different schedules, so we never see them. They (the mechanics) come here before us and leave after us, but here iit’s more of a team. We all go to dinner together and spent more time than usual together.

Denny: Is there a track in America that you can compare this track in Arnhem to?

Tim: I would have to say that the size of the track is the same and so are the laps times. Maybe Indianapolis, Pontiac, Minneapolis, Atlanta … it could fall under any of those tracks.

Denny: Are those tracks that you excel on?

Tim: I like those tracks. I have been racing on them for 10 years. I grew up with this type of terrain.

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About THQ World Supercross GP and AMA Supercross Series

THQ World Supercross GP is a 17-round global series that is produced and promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment and Dorna Off Road S.L. Riders must compete in the international rounds to be eligible to win the world championship. In 2002-2003, the 17-event THQ World Supercross GP will be comprised of two international events in Geneva, Switzerland and Arnhem, Holland, and 15 of the 16 events that are conducted in major markets throughout the United States as a part of the AMA Supercross Series. The other AMA Supercross Series event held in Daytona Beach, Fla., is independently produced by the International Speedway Corporation, and is not a part of the THQ World Supercross GP. An AMA Supercross Series rider will be crowned for the series of events conducted in the United States only.

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