Tim Ferry Has Wrist Surgery

Dubbed ¿minimally invasive surgery¿ by Ferry¿s doc.

ANAHEIM, Calif., (Jan. 26, 2005) ¿ With less than 100-percent ability to grasp the handlebars, Tim Ferry has been struggling since his wreck at Anaheim 1 ¿ with pain and results ¿ and has opted for wrist surgery in hopes of alleviating the pain and increasing his grip strength.

Ferry, a former 125 supercross champion (¿97 ESX) who until recently was a consistent top five racer and always a threat to podium, has finished outside the top ten (12th, 11th) in the two main events he¿s raced in this year and sits in 14th overall in the 250cc class heading into this weekend¿s Round Four of the THQ/AMA Supercross Series in San Francisco.

¿There¿s no hiding the fact that the last two races I haven¿t put up the results that Yamaha hired me for.  I had a lot of problems with my wrist last year and after some time off and being able to train in the off season, I came into Anaheim 1 feeling strong,¿ said Ferry

¿But then I hurt it good at Anaheim 1, so now I¿m forced to take measures to insure I¿ll be able to race at the competitive level I was at before I injured my wrist.¿

Ferry injured his wrist on a finish line jump wreck during a 250cc class heat race. At first considered a sprain, the injury drastically affected the extent to which Ferry can hold on to the handlebars ¿ obviously something of the utmost importance to a supercross racer.

¿I got an MRI and several doctors couldn¿t find anything wrong,¿ said Ferry. ¿But I knew I wasn¿t imagining the pain, so I went to see Dr. Warren Kramer (Newport Beach, Calif.) and he was able to locate the problem.¿

Ferry explained that Dr. Kramer felt, following the successful surgery, there¿s a very good chance Tim could be back on a bike in just a week or two.

¿I¿m confident in him (Dr. Kramer),¿ said Ferry. ¿He knew right away it was more than a sprain.¿ Ferry, who underwent surgery on Wednesday afternoon, also noted that he won¿t be needing a post-surgery cast and will attend the next supercross round (San Francisco) to sign autographs and meet with the fans.

¿I¿ll start rehab in Southern California this coming Monday,¿ he added. ¿And hopefully back to racing within a few weeks.¿