After months of anticipation, the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross season kicked off at Angels Stadium. Numerous story lines developed over the course of the night, but none overshadowed the racing which took place on the extremely fast layout the riders encountered. Eli Tomac avoided first lap carnage to take the early lead and eventual win in the 250 class, allowing the defending 250 West Coast Supercross champion to pick up exactly where he left off last season. The 450 main event proved to be as exciting as expected, but with a different cast of racers than many would have considered before the night’s show. Davi Millsaps and Trey Canard put in 20 near flawless laps, and after a true last lap battle, Millsaps took home the opening round win.

250 Supercross Class

Heat One

When the gate dropped for the first heat race of the night, it was Jessy Nelson taking the holeshot aboard his Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda with Ken Roczen closely behind. The Red Bull KTM rider followed the Supercross rookie for the duration of the opening lap, and as the two hit the wall jump that lay before the finish line, Roczen made his move for the lead. With a clear track ahead, Roczen began to up the tempo and turned in a lap time of 55.980, a full second and a half quicker than Nelson. As Roczen pulled away, Nelson started to feel pressure from his teammate, Cole Seely. The defending A1 winner would at one point make a pass, but Nelson launched a final push and took second place at the checkered flag. Austin Politelli, Blake Baggett, Malcolm Stewart, Ryan Sipes, Max Anstie, and Jake Canada would all battle with one another for position, finish in this order, and make the main event.

1. Ken Roczen (KTM)
2. Jessy Nelson (Hon)
3. Cole Seely (Hon)
4. Austin Politelli (Hon)
5. Blake Baggett (Kaw)
6. Malcolm Stewart (KTM)
7. Ryan Sipes (Suz)
8. Max Anstie (Suz)
9. Jake Canada (Hon)
10. Travis Baker (Yam)

Heat Two

Martin Davalos made quite the impression in his first ride for Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, as he took the holeshot and blasted off from the rest of the field. Davalos would take a wire-to-wire win over his 19 competitors and was the second quickest rider on the track. The only person quicker than he would be Eli Tomac, who was mounting a charge that would take him from eighth to fifth by the last flag. The pace of the heat was much slower than the first, but it did not hamper the action taking place. Kyle Cunningham spent a number of laps setting up Michael Leib, and on the final lap, he would whip past Leib for third place.

1. Martin Davalos (Kaw)
2. Zach Osborne (Hon)
3. Kyle Cunningham (Yam)
4. Michael Leib (Hon)
5. Tyla Rattray (Kaw)
6. Eli Tomac (Hon)
7. Jason Anderson (Suz)
8. Joey Savatgy (KTM)
9. Jean Ramos (Kaw)
10. Derek Anderson (Kaw)

250 LCQ

Former teammates Travis Baker and Christian Craig were the first to the corner in the 250 LCQ, and from there, the race was seemingly over. Baker paced the field comfortably on his Yamaha while Craig followed in second, both being a massive distance away from third place. They would take the two transfer positions into the main event.

1. Travis Baker (Yam)
2. Christian Craig (Hon)

250 Main Event

Jessy Nelson started the 250 main with a bang, as the rookie claimed the holeshot in his first Supercross main event. Yet, things would quickly go south, as an error on the face of the first jump ended his forward drive and he endoed into the ground. Multiple riders would be caught in the melee, including heat two winner Martin Davalos, Blake Baggett, and Zach Osborne. The collision would mark the end of Davalos' evening. The pack of racers thundered away from the fray with Eli Tomac at the point, who was already extending a sizable lead on the others. Ken Roczen and Malcolm Stewart briefly fought for second, but the heat one winner would take the position. The pace of the top two riders was unable to be matched by any other on the track and put them a considerable length away from both each other and the other racers. Attention then turned to Cole Seely and Stewart's fight for third. Seely, in his first race since April of 2012, caught up to the KTM rider and squeezed by for the spot, then upped his pace more and slowly reeled in Roczen. It would never be enough to come within striking distance, and the finishing order of the podium was set.

1. Eli Tomac
2. Ken Roczen
3. Cole Seely
4. Jason Anderson
5. Malcolm Stewart
6. Ryan Sipes
7. Zach Osborne
8. Tyla Rattray
9. Max Anstie
10. Michael Leib
11. Kyle Cunningham
12. Christian Craig
13. Joey Savatgy
14. Blake Baggett
15. Travis Baker
16. Austin Politelli
17. Jean Ramos
18. Jessy Nelson
19. Jake Canada
250 Class Championship Points Standings (After 1 of 9 rounds)
1. Eli Tomac (25 pts/1 win)
2. Ken Roczen (22 pts)
3. Cole Seely (20 pts)
4. Jason Anderson (18 pts)
5. Malcolm Stewart (16 pts)
6. Ryan Sipes (15 pts)
7. Zach Osborne (14 pts)
8. Tyla Rattray (13 pts)
9. Max Anstie (12 pts)
10. Michael Leib (11 pts)

Top Lap Times
1. Eli Tomac 55.275
2. Ken Roczen 56.789
3. Cole Seely 57.076
4. Jason Anderson 57.082
5. Malcolm Stewart 57.254

450 Supercross Class

Heat One

The 2013 season started like any other for the 450 class, due to MotoConcepts Racing's Mike Alessi's quick run to the first turn. BTO Sports KTM's Matt Georke snuck around Justin Barcia to take second place for two sections of track, but the Muscle Milk Honda rider showed Georke a close-up of his rear wheel as the two flew over the third base triple. Barcia quickly closed in on Alessi and made his move for the lead in the same section as he did earlier in the race: in the air space over the triple. Elsewhere in the pack, Ryan Villopoto was clawing his way up the rankings following a poor start, which set the stage for a thrilling final lap. As he and Barcia took the white flag, just feet separated the two. Villopoto tried multiple times, including in the final turn, to make a pass, but Barcia held him off to take the first heat win.

1. Justin Barcia (Hon)
2. Ryan Villopoto (Kaw)
3. Mike Alessi (Suz)
4. Jake Weimer (Kaw)
5. Matt Georke (KTM)
6. Ryan Dungey (KTM)
7. Chad Reed (Hon)
8. Weston Peick (Suz)
9. Robert Kiniry (Yam)

Heat Two

After a lengthy stretch of time where many in attendance questioned if he would race, James Stewart lined up for the second heat. At the first turn stripe, it was he, Josh Grant, and Trey Canard fighting for the premier position. As they entered the home plate turn, Stewart took the lead with Canard right on his heels. The two put in multiple clean laps, albeit slower than the first heat, and Canard waited for the right moment to strike on the ailing Stewart. In one lap, they would exchange the lead three times, with Canard coming out on top in the end. While they diced with one another, Davi Millsaps was quietly creeping into the picture and when Trey stumbled on the final lap, Millsaps stole the lead and heat race win.

1. Davi Millsaps (Suz)
2. Trey Canard (Hon)
3. James Stewart (Suz)
4. Andrew Short (Hon)
5. Josh Grant (Yam)
6. Broc Tickle (Suz)
7. Kevin Windham (Hon)
8. Matt Lemoine (Kaw)
9. Vince Friese (Kaw)

450 LCQ

The line up for the 450 LCQ included numerous riders of main event caliber, but only two could move onto the final 20-lap race of the night. When the gate dropped, Justin Brayton powered down the straightaway and took the pack into the first turn. Just behind Brayton waited the duo of Phil Nicoletti and Josh Hansen, two racers that were extremely hungry to make the main. In a bowl turn in the back portion of the track, Hansen showed his desire to transfer and knocked down Nicoletti with an aggressive pass. Now in the final transfer spot, Hansen began to feel the pressure from Kyle Chisholm, who was closing in at a rapid pace. Chisholm would make a pace and in an effort to counter, Hansen went down on the large jump before crossing the starting straight. Brayton would take the uncontested win, with Chisholm a distance but respectable second.

1. Justin Brayton
2. Kyle Chisholm

450 Main Event

From the moment the gate clanked into the dirt to the final flag, Davi Millsaps controlled the 20-lap main event. The Rockstar Suzuki rider muscled his way to the first turn ahead of anyone else, grabbed the holeshot award, and began his string of 16 consecutive laps led. His closest competitor was again Trey Canard, and after a long list of events, the two became the dominant riders of the evening.

A poor start from the furthest inside gate would bury Ryan Villopoto in the field, and despite his best efforts, he would break into the top-five. On the lap four, he was booted off of the course in the first base lane and dropped further into the running order, then suffered his first fall near the midway portion of the race. He would remount 14th, turn in a few more laps, and then go down yet again. These incidents would result in a 16th place finish by the defending champion.

Nursing an injured knee, James Stewart quietly rode to an eighth place finish. Over the course of the main event, Stewart hovered safely in the top-ten, but never appeared to push the issue.

Justin Barcia spent nearly the entire race in third place, just feet away from leaders Millsaps and Canard. It appeared that the Honda racer was beginning to mount a charge for the final laps, when an error coming out of the home plate turn sent him over the bars on the small step-over double. Barcia quickly remounted, but still dropped from third to seventh as a result of the crash.

The top-four riders of the early main event, Millsaps, Canard, Barcia, and Dungey, seemingly dropped Chad Reed from contending for the win. The Australian was alone for the better part of the race, and after the crash by Barcia, moved into the top-five.

Two crashes in two separate races marred Ryan Dungey's evening, but the KTM racer never appeared to be fazed. In his heat, he would come from midpack to take sixth at the finish, and in the main, he still achieved a podium finish even after a crash in what would be the outfield of Angels Stadium. In the main event, mistakes in the section of whoops that ran down the third base line made for tense moments, but even then, Dungey was still staying with and closing on Justin Barcia.

Though the five riders most widely touted coming into the season all suffered issues at Anaheim One, the attention of the fans never truly broke for the race between Millsaps and Canard. Lap after lap, the two stayed within a single second and a half of one another and when Barcia went down, it truly then became their race to win. Millsaps was calm and in control over the course of the first 16 laps, but as they came down the first base line, Canard upped his speed and made his first real strike at Millsaps. A second pass attempt in the next section would stick, and Trey Canard became the leader for laps 17, 18, and 19. Just over a half a second separated the two when the received the white flag and either one was capable of taking the win. In mirror fashion to Canard's strike, Millsaps clicked up in the same rhythm section as Canard did, showed a wheel in the same turn as Canard, and made the pass stick in the following section. Millsaps' ability to quad the massive section of the track when Canard faltered and only managed to double-double was the deciding point of the race, and Millsaps claimed the main event win by 2.297 secconds.

Main Event
1. Davi Millsaps
2. Trey Canard
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Chad Reed
5. Jake Weimer
6. Andrew Short
7. Justin Barcia
8. James Stewart
9. Justin Brayton
10. Kevin Windham
11. Josh Grant
12. Matt Georke
13. Kyle Chisholm
14. Weston Peick
15. Matt Lemoine
16. Ryan Villopoto
17. Vince Friese
18. Broc Tickle
19. Robert Kiniry
20. Mike Alessi
450 Class Championship Points Standings (After 1 of 17 rounds)
1. Davi Millsaps (25 pts/1 win)
2. Trey Canard (22 pts)
3. Ryan Dungey (20 pts)
4. Chad Reed (18 pts)
5. Jake Weimer (16 pts)
6. Andrew Short (15 pts)
7. Justin Barcia (14 pts)
8. James Stewart (13 pts)
9. Justin Brayton (12 pts)
10. Kevin Windham (11 pts)

Top Lap Times
1. Trey Canard 55.849
2. Ryan Dungey 55.877
3. Justin Barcia 55.934
4. Davi Millsaps 55.974
5. Chad Reed 56.358