Tonight on Nick Wey, Jesse Casillas, Kenny Bartram and the Ogio Giveaway!

On The Moto Show tonight, don’t miss your chance to win a sweet bag from Ogio, the Fugitive StreetPack. This is a $70 bag from Ogio. You can click here to check out the colors and specs: .

The first caller to hear Kevin Windham intro one of our segments wins the gear bag. Also, the 2nd caller will receive a 1 year membership to the Blue Ribbon Coalition, compliments of The Moto Show!

Guest line-up:

Doc Bodnar, Elrod and Mike Young will be talking with Nick Wey who is busy testing his new 450. He’ll be on the 450 for Supercross, which is a first for him. Find out why he made the switch and what he expects from the bike.

Jesse Casillas is a really good guy, and we are happy he’s able to stop by tonight. Jesse is pumped for the upcoming Supercross season, and we’ll get the goods on what Jesse is all about and his outlook on the ’06 season.

Kenny Bartram is a super gracious guy, especially considering his not-first-place finish at the X-games when he pulled off the first sidesaddle back flip. For someone who claims to hate the back flip, it was a pretty spectacular trick that seemed to go unnoticed.

So, Gear Up and Hang On, It’s Time for The Moto Show.

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