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Redwood City, CA – Nov 18, 2004 — Already exposed in the pages of Transworld MX, RacerX and RoadRacerX magazines, the Trixter X-Bike is currently being featured on the online magazine SNEWS (Specialty News), the Independent Voice of the Outdoor and Fitness Industries. SNEWS is a premier source of information for the outdoor and fitness industries, keeping it’s eyes, ears and fingers on the pulse of the market.

Following are excerpts from the review. Please read-through to see why Trixter is leading the future of indoor cycling, and click-through the link below to read the full story.

“Although only on the market since mid-2003 going up against the big indoor cycle companies, Trixter and its X-Bike have hit a chord with an increasing number of users — our reviewers among others.

If you thought indoor cycle training was all about just spinning along, you are wrong. Trixter, whose motto is “outdoor attitude bought indoors,” goes beyond just spinning pedals in a circle on an indoor bike.

Instead, the indoor trainer has a patent-pending difference that for the first time gives an indoor trainer the true feel of either mountain biking on trails or road cycling aggressively — a handlebar unit that can move side-to-side so you can emulate pumping up a climb or banking and carving turns.

That motion — which can be varied in speed, amount and intensity based on a user’s needs, interest or fitness level — not only keeps you from being bored out of your skull on an indoor ride, but also means you employ both upper body and core (abdominals and back) muscles for a real upper-body workout you can feel.

The second difference that makes it feel like a real outdoor bike is a “freewheel” which means when you stop pedaling, the wheel keeps going so you can “coast” down hills or around turns, then pick up pedaling again. But that also means that it’s your pedaling that keeps the wheel going, not momentum from a so-called “fixed gear” that other indoor trainers have.

More difficult? You betcha. More realistic? You got it. A better workout and more fun? Hip, hip, hooray!

…Once you get the hang of using the handlebars and decipher the codes used on the workouts, you’re in for a heck of a workout where time passes quickly.

Once over a learning curve, our reviewers who put in several dozen workouts and other club users we’ve spoken to swear by the workout and the bike. Wouldn’t go back to any other.”

The Trixter X-Bike retails for $1195 including a users manual and two CD-based workouts. Individual and Group Training is available through the X-Biking School Of Cool. More information is available by clicking through the X-Biking link below. Trixter Review

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About Trixter:

Fit, Fast and Fun. Founded in 2000, Trixter Developments Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets indoor cycling equipment and programs built to energize people of all ages and enhance their health and fitness. Trixter’s Wiltshire, England offices serve as the company’s corporate and new product development headquarters. Trixter Europe Ltd. and Trixter North America, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Trixter Developments Ltd.

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