Top Riders Confirmed for THQ World Supercross GP International Rounds

Clear Channel Entertainment’s Motor Sports division, along with its partner, Dorna Off Road N.A., are thrilled to announce that the top supercross riders in the world have committed to the first two international rounds of the prestigious, 17-round THQ World Supercross GP. The growing list of riders for the Geneva, Switzerland and Arnhem, Holland events includes:

Jeremy McGrath, KTM
David Vuillemin, Yamaha
Mike LaRocco, Honda
Nick Wey, Yamaha
Tim Ferry, Yamaha
Chad Reed, Yamaha
Heath Voss, Yamaha
Sebastien Tortelli, Suzuki
Kyle Lewis, Honda
Grant Langston, KTM
Jean Sebastien-Roy, Honda
Keith Johnson, Yamaha
Joaquin Rodrigues, KTM
Steve Boniface, KTM
James Polvolny, Honda
Ryan Clark, Yamaha

THQ World Supercross GP is a 17-round global series that is produced and promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment. There will be a world champion crowned based upon the points earned in the 17 events. Riders must compete in the international rounds to be eligible to win the world championship. The 17-event THQ World Supercross GP is comprised of the two international rounds and 15 of the 16 events that are included within the AMA Supercross Series. The 16th AMA Supercross Series event held in Daytona Beach, Fla., is independently produced by the International Speedway Corporation, and is not a part of the THQ World Supercross GP. AMA Pro Racing will crown an AMA Supercross Series champion for the United States only.

“These riders will now have the opportunity to be marketed on an international level,” said Mark Abernethy, senior director of marketing, Clear Channel Entertainment – Motor Sports. “Competing at the first two rounds of THQ World Supercross GP in Europe enables them to compete on a global stage.”