Track Call: RLC Racing

We headed out to Milestone MX with RLC Racing’s Eric Coomer to test out their new GPS timing, track mapping, and logging unit called, the Track Commander. Our test rider, Jessie Huntley, had the unit outfitted on his Kawasaki 450F, and then we put the product to the test by spinning some laps out on the track. This is what we thought…

The GPS Trackmap that was auto generated by the riders farthest right and farthest left he rode. On the top graph it shows the GPS Speed. We then compared Lap 2 vs Lap 3. You can see in red (lap 2) his top speed was 52.2mph on the straight. It will be the red dot on the trackmap. The blue line show us that his lap 3 (1:39.311) time was slower then lap 2 (1:38.752). On lap 2 (red line) his overall speed through the turns and straights was faster.

In the upper right it shows you the times and speed through that turn. On lap 2 he ran the fastest through that turn. his entrance speed was 41MPH and exit speed was 36 MPH. with a total time of 4.40sec. Using the manual sectoring you can determine what would be a good entrance and exist speed; especially if you can compare it to a faster rider.

Auto Predictive sectoring is the same thing that the Track Commander does on the track,but you can visually see it on the PC software. If you hover over a beacon it will show you the speed and times through that point. Great to determine what was your fastest time through a turn and what lap you did it on.