Transworld Girls Get DIRTY at Honda’s Red Rider Ranch

Fox Racing invited all the Transworld girls out to Honda’s Red Rider Ranch in Colton last Friday for a chance to learn to ride on the new ’08 Honda dirt bikes and get DIRTY! The day begun by gearing everyone up, getting on their bikes, and going through the basic starting points to become a bona fide motocross rider. Honda instructors including Mercedes Natvig and Charity Okerson led the six hour session of instructing the girls how to shift, turn, stand up, and most importantly… slow down and stop (a task that was a little tricky for some).

After the basics had been somewhat mastered, the girls were split up into two groups (A and B) based on their comfort level on the bike. Group A hit the Honda trail while Group B stayed on the track to get a little more comfortable with the basics. The trails had minor obstacles such as sharp turns, a mini woops section, and a sand pit, which made it a great way to test the skills from the morning. After group A was done on the trail, group B got a chance to test their trail riding skills. At the end of the long day of training and instruction, the girls all got together for a graduation ceremony where they received gifts from FOX and Honda and a certification card that proves that the girls of Transworld are 100% certified in essential motocross skills. Overall the day was a huge success for all involved, minor collisions led to good stories, and every girl walked away with the feeling of success.

Thanks to Fox Racing for inviting everyone out and coordinating an amazing day and thanks to Honda for having the patience to deal with a bunch of opinionated industry girls and the great facility and trainers to teach them how to ride!